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At Pharmacy 777, your support makes a difference to your school.
We understand how much your school means to you, that’s why at Pharmacy 777, we’re passionate about making a difference. Our Community Spirit Program makes giving back to your school easier. As a Community Spirit member, for every transaction you make at Pharmacy 777 Bayswater and Maylands, they will give part proceeds back to the school. This contribution accumulates over time and funds raised support causes at the heart of your school. We would encourage all school community members to visit Pharmacy 777 Bayswater and Maylands and join up.

Library News


  2021 CBCA   Book Week 

Old Worlds New Worlds Other Worlds

Dates: 21 – 27 August 2021



A Big ‘THANK YOU’ to everyone for supporting Book Week 2021!

Pastoral Care

Happy Birthday to:

To the following students who will be celebrating this coming week:

Alessia Cullura PKG
Ethan Borich PPG
Elizabeth Kennewell 1W
Alessica Marrapodi 2G
Havarna Bova 2W
Chloe Bouteloup 3W
William North 4G
Audrey Lawes 4W
Girishma Berigai 5G
Taj O’Shea 6W










Pastoral Care Raffle

Here are the rosters:


Week 7 – 1 September
Week 8 – 8 September


Kindy Green
Week 7 Heaven White
Week 8 Hudson Fernandez
Kindy White
Week 7 Florence Crookes
Week 8 Harry Whelan
PP GreenWeek 7 Oliver Minchin
Week 8 Talisa Martino Da Fonseca
PP White
Week 7 Maria Mustica
Week 8 Megan Hutton
Year 1 Green
Week 7 Oliver Hoyne
Week 8 Senumitha Ratnayake
Year 1 WhiteWeek 7 Stefano Mustica
Week 8 Thomas Armstrong
Year 2 GreenWeek 7 Leo Kennelly
Week 8 Mason Campbell
Year 2 White
Week 7 Shishir Berigai
Week 8 Mason Harper
Year 3 Green
Week 7 Tony Masek
Week 8 Violet Petersen
Year 3 White
Week 7 James Hodson
Week 8 Maggie Ma
Year 4 GreenWeek 7 Lucy Gardiner
Week 8 Mila Robbins
Year 4 WhiteWeek 7 Khrish Tah
Week 8 Madden Dean
Year 5 GreenWeek 7 Natasha Juszkiewicz
Week 8 Rhylan O’Shea
Year 5 WhiteWeek 7 Hannah Mutsaers
Week 8 Joshua Murnane
Year 6 Green
Week 7 Willow Bull
Week 8 Milly Cooper
Year 6 White
Week 7 Rory Shanahan
Week 8 Thomas McDougall


Raffle tickets are 20 cents each with a maximum of 3 tickets per child. Each child will be rostered once a year to bring a BOOK to the value of $5.

If there are any parents out there that love cooking and are able to help us with meals please contact Jeannie – jeanzbeanz@bigpond.com.

Your continued support is greatly appreciated by our school community.


Pastoral Care Team.



Award Winners

Term 3, Week 5

PP Green – Ethan Borich, Harvey Ferguson, Thea Setzinger
PP White – Tristan Goh, Amelia Pierre, Hugo Silverman

1 Green – Henry Crookes, Mia Harstrom, Kelvin Quach
1 White – Thomas Armstrong, Shaan Tah

2 Green – Aaliyah Brandis, Richie De Mello
2 White – Charlotte Eaglesham, Emma Silverman

3 Green – Olivia Harris, Seraphim Vu
3 White – Grayson Harris, Keira Pollitt

4 Green – Charlotte Armstrong, Eva Magill,
4 White – Harrison Bull, Emily Salt

5 Green – Yana Baldwin, Dante Felt, Grace Thoms
5 White – Katie Kealley, Christian Parola, Amelie Trinder

6 Green – Owen Peters, Michael Wells
6 White – Alexander Kaless, Rory Shanahan



Father’s Day Breakfast is back for 2021!!!  Please see attachments to this newsletter for details. 

Calling upon anyone who can donate a prize so we can host our popular raffle for our Dads.

Raffle tickets will go on sale next week 30 August to 2 September, 8.15am to 9.15am near basketball courts and also on the morning of the breakfast.

Thank you !!!

Pastoral Care Team

Community Notices

Kora Centre

Childcare in Bayswater

Kora Centre Inc. – Licensed childcare service at Bayswater



Located in the heart of Perth’s beautiful heritage precinct, Mercedes College are proud to be celebrating 175 years of Mercy education, which makes the 2021 Open Day special! The Tour provides an opportunity for prospective parents to hear from the Senior Leadership Team and enjoy a tour of College facilities led by some of our Student Representative Leaders.

There are two sessions: 8:30am or 11am. The 8:30am session offers families a morning tea, where you will have the opportunity to speak with some of our Teachers. Please register via the College website; www.mercedes.wa.edu.au/open-morning/



Enrolments are now open for VacSwim swimming lessons during the October and summer school holidays. VacSwim offers fun lessons at beach or pool locations. They are a great school holiday activity and they teach valuable safety skills to help keep your child safe in the water.

Enrol at education.wa.edu.au/vacswim
















St Columba’s School Bayswater

32 Roberts Street, Bayswater WA 6053
PO Box 61, Bayswater WA 6933
Phone: (08) 9208 2700
Email: admin@stcolsbays.wa.edu.au