The policies are provided to inform parents and caregivers of important school information.

Aboriginal Education PolicyApr 2018
Accreditation PolicyApr 2018
Administration of Medication to Students PolicyApr 2018
Authorisation to Administer Medication to Students PolicyApr 2018
Anaphylaxis PolicyApr 2018
Appropriate Text PolicyApr 2018
Asthma PolicyApr 2018
Attendance and Non-Attendance PolicyApr 2018
Behaviour Management PolicyNov 2017
Capital Planning and Development PolicyApr 2018
Catholic School Retreats PolicyApr 2018
Child Protection PolicyApr 2018
Christian Service LearningApr 2018
Communications PolicyApr 2018
Crisis Management PolicyApr 2018
Curriculum PolicyApr 2018
Dealing with Violence, Bullying and Harassment PolicyApr 2018
Disputes and Complaints Policy
Disputes and Complaints Flowchart Procedure
Sept 2020
Sept 2020
Early Childhood Education and Care PolicyApr 2018
Emergency Evacuation PolicyApr 2018
Evangelisation PlanApr 2018 
Exclusion of Students for Disciplinary Reasons PolicyApr 2018 
Excursion and Camp PolicyApr 2018 
Extreme Weather PolicyApr 2018 
First Aid PolicyApr 2018 
Gifted and Talented PolicyApr 2018 
Harassment of Staff PolicyApr 2018 
Healthy Foods and Drinks PolicyApr 2018
Homework PolicyApr 2018 
Intraschool and Interschool Selection PolicyApr 2018 
Management of Confidential Information PolicyApr 2018 
Mobile phones & Electronic Device PolicyApr 2018 
Occupational Health and Safety Policy Apr 2018 
Pastoral Care Policy Apr 2018 
Privacy PolicyApr 2018 
Religious Education PolicyApr 2018 
Role of Catholic schools in Supporting Sacramental Preparation PolicyApr 2018 
School Fees Setting and Collection PolicyApr 2018 
Selection and Use of Texts in Catholic Schools PolicyApr 2018 
Smoking PolicyApr 2018 
Student ICT PolicyApr 2018
Student Leadership PolicyApr 2018
Student Uniform Dress Code PolicyApr 2018
Sun Protection PolicyApr 2018


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