Principal's Welcome

A message from Art Lombardi, Principal, St Columba's School, Bayswater.

Welcome to our St Columba’s School, Bayswater website

Thank you for taking time to visit our new website. As Principal, I appreciate that if you are visiting my Principal’s Welcome, then you may wish to know how I think.

I often ask our students, ‘Who is the luckiest Principal in the world?’ All the students answer with, ‘You, Mr Lombardi’. I then ask them why. They all respond with, ‘Because YOU have US.’ I mean, really, how good do I have it?

St Columba’s School students, staff and parents take full responsibility for the culture we create by keeping it real and positive. Unless I am in meetings, I can be found in the playground before and after school and during the recess and lunch breaks. This is why I know every person who walks through our gates is grateful to be a part of our community. I see us as family. My parents are like my cousins, my staff like my brothers and sisters and the students, like my nephews and nieces. We are sincere about this. Why do families want to be a part of who we are? You guessed it, to belong to the family. We want to find connection, genuine connection, this is who we are.

When beginning this year’s parent information evenings, I set the scene with some of my thinking. Here are two concepts that are core to what we stand for.

Ikigai, a Japanese word, that is about the grass always being greener on my side. It is about loving what you do, being good at it, and knowing your purpose in life. It is about knowing what is important and what you stand for. We all know that when you come from a place of gratefulness, you become your best self, which directly links to the next quote.

‘The effect you have on others is the most valuable currency there is.’ – Jim Carrey

At St Columba’s School, we value the impact each person has on others within our community. We know this to be the most valuable quality to instil in our students, in all of us. Communication and developing relationships are keys to our students’ wellbeing. We know our environment embraces our motto of ‘Growing in Faith, Seeking Wisdom and Living in Peace’. I love being our Principal and wish you many blessings and all good things your way.

Enjoy your browse through our website as we continue to build on its features over the coming months.

In appreciation

Art Lombardi


St Columba’s School Bayswater

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