Three Year Old

Our Three Year Old Pre-Kindergarten program offers a fantastic start to the school experience.


St Columba’s Pre-Kindergarten is an educational program available to children who have already turned three years of age. The program is an introduction to our school community, providing a meaningful play-based learning experience whilst nurturing and developing the individual needs of the child in a safe and caring environment.

Each Pre-Kindergarten class has a maximum of 20 students with two staff members in attendance.  In 2022 Pamela Holloway is the teacher and Kristie Bishop is the Education Assistant.

Currently St Columba’s runs two Pre-Kindergarten groups: Pre-Kindergarten Green and Pre-Kindergarten White.

Pre-Kindergarten Session times are as follows:

Pre-Kindergarten Green  Tuesday – 8.45am to 2.45pm

Pre-Kindergarten White  Thursday – 8.45am to 2.45pm

Classroom doors are opened at 8.45am.  Parents are invited to stay for the first 15 minutes of each session to read a book or do a puzzle with their child, after which a bell will be rung to signal the start of the session.

Pre-Kindergarten students must wear the Early Childhood T-Shirt and a St Columba’s School Hat (preferably the Bucket style). Both items are available from our uniform supplier Jenny Franklin Enterprises (JFE). The T-shirt is available in four (4) different colours.

We encourage your child to dress in comfortable clothing including closed in shoes (velcro tabs recommended) that is suitable for painting and playing outdoors and in the sandpit. A hat is mandatory for outdoor play. Sunscreen is also applied.

It is preferred your child is toilet trained however, if your child is in the process of toilet training,  they must wear “pull ups”.  Please advise staff and also ensure that you supply extra “pull ups” and wipes for each session. It is essential to dress your child in clothing that allows them to easily manage independent dressing for the toilet.

Regulation prevents a child commencing the program until they turn three years of age. If your child has not turned three when the program commences at the beginning of the year your child may still be enrolled and commence upon their third birthday, depending on enrolment numbers.

Acceptance into our Pre-Kindergarten program does not guarantee enrolment into the Kindergarten program (siblings of current families exempt), and normal enrolment procedures will need to be followed as per our School Enrolment Policy.

The Pre-Kindergarten program is completely self-funded and does not receive any government support therefore no discounts apply to fees including sibling and Health Care Card discounts. As the school’s fees are billed annually children commencing at the beginning of Term 1 will be charged the full Pre-Kindergarten tuition fee. Pre-Kindergarten children commencing throughout the year will be charged on a pro rata basis of the annual tuition fee.

Student insurance is charged to all Pre-Kindergarten children along with the School Year Book fee to those families that do not have older siblings at the school.

For any further information regarding enrolment into this program, please do not hesitate to contact Lisa Slocum on 9208 2700 or at


Pre-Kindergarten Power Point – Parent Information Session (2022 Intake)



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