Principal's Post

Dear Parents and Caregivers,


Welcome to the end of Week 5! This term is flying by!

Please note tomorrow, Friday 19 August, is a Pupil Free Day. Staff are engaged in a faith formation day focused on prayer and connection.

It has been a wintery few weeks back this term, like horizontal rain most days. It might be the location of our school being placed on the top of the hill, but this term has seen so much rain throughout the day, and when combined with strong winds, we see sheets of horizontal rain surge through our grounds. An amazing view from our classrooms when it comes in from the city. What has been very impressive is that we have hardly missed any play breaks, and when it has rained out of nowhere during a play break, our kids have responded by getting under cover. Okay, well most of them. Some of our kids love the rain and seem to find a reason to dawdle when getting to areas of cover. I get it, who doesn’t love playing in the rain? Down in the Kindy yesterday, the kids were loving sweeping the puddles into the garden, making the best mud pies and cakes, and most of all playing creatively, telling stories galore. I mean the oral language and conversation levels of this group were next level. It was just sheer entertainment and joy.

Even during tennis sessions yesterday, with the horizontal rain blowing through, our kids were having the best time. Their faces were blossoming with joy. This was the good stuff I had written about in last week’s Donegal. Unbridled joy. This needed to be bottled. A big thank you to Anthony and his team from the Bayswater Tennis Club, but even bigger thanks to the kids for what they brought in their personalities.

So, as I continued to think about the week, I was drawn back to ikigai. As you know it is all about the grass being greener on my side of the fence, but also about knowing we are who we are and no longer needing to keep comparing ourselves to others. It is freeing isn’t it? Hard to be this way, so do not worry if you fall into chasing things and comparing yourself. I head down that path every day, but am learning to pull myself back quickly to a place of gratitude, to a place of ikigai. We all will be at different points on our journey with ikigai, but it is about finding our reason for being. For so many of us, it is all about our families and this is why we exist. Our most precious gifts are our families, our children. We see this present within all our families every day. You are always there for your kids. They are your purpose for being. We exist for our kids and it brings us an abundance of joy and a feeling of wellbeing. We also have other reasons for being. I hope you get a chance this week to think about these other reasons for being. Like, why do you get up in the morning and get into your day? If you are able to find time in your day, and I really do not know how you will do it with having kids and having so much on, but maybe in the five minutes of having a shower you can use this time to think of all the reasons you are getting up for in your day. You will find an abundance of things that inspire you.

I spoke with a couple of classes about bringing joy to others, and how their souls will be even more joyful for the experience. I was speaking about how we have such power in our words to impact for the good of others, for their wellbeing. Finding this goodness in others, fuels our goodness. Our kids can live ikigai as well. Let’s keep encouraging them to find the purpose in their day to bring goodness to others. St Col’s kids already smash this out of the ballpark. We all see it every day. You will see it at home and in their sporting teams etc, and we will see it at school. The other part of ikigai, which is so important to remember, embrace the perfect imperfection. This means we will fail at times, and that is okay. It is okay if we have an awareness of this and are working to get better at how we connect with others and the respect we hold for them. Such good stuff.

I was thinking about how during the lunch break a group of boys were trying to loosen a small rock from the landing near the nature play area near the admin building. They were having the best time. Here are a couple of photos. They had a purpose. They brought joy and found their bliss. So for 30 minutes they worked together to pry these pieces of rock out. They were relentless.


















Even more ikigai is being seen throughout the Performing Arts Festival. We have many students performing solo in the instrumental and vocal sections of the Performing Arts. We are all looking forward to receiving the certificates for our students and presenting these at an assembly in the future. I have heard from parents about how well their children have performed. All these kids have a purpose that brings them joy. Makes their soul blissful. I also had the honour of listening to a couple of girls who will be performing solo vocals tomorrow. Stunning is the only word I can find to describe them. Wish I could be there, but I know their families will be present offering support and encouragement. I just find this so courageous. Love it! They are so ikigai these kids. The one thing I do know about St Col’s kids, they will be wishing the other students to perform beautifully, the whole time backing them in to be the best they can be. This is where St Col’s kids find meaning. Parents, you should be so proud.


Year 6 Camp

  • Forest Edge, Waroona
  • Three days of activities. Include abseiling, zip line, rock-climbing wall, pamper pole, rafting and kayaking, plus more.
  • Highlight was the food and the talent night.
  • Thank you to all staff involved in the preparation and attendance at the camp. Loved how you cared for the kids and their wellbeing.
  • Students had the best time and set the highest of standards in behaviour.


Walkway/Canopy Update

  • Near completion [flashing between building and new roof yet to be completed]

Scheduled for this term.


Sacrament of Confirmation Weekend

  • Year 6 students involved in the program, alongside students from the parish.
  • Masses are Friday 9 September at 6.30 pm and Saturday 10 September at 3.30 pm.


Faction Athletics Carnival

  • Thursday 15 September
  • Bayswater Little Athletics Club – Noranda [near netball courts]
  • Year 1 to Year 6
  • Pre-Primary Thursday 22 September [school oval] from 9.00 am-10.00 am


Faction Swimming Carnival Term 4

  • Friday 28 October
  • Bayswater Waves, Embleton
  • Year 4 to Year 6 Students involved
  • About fun, facing challenges, and the first-time stuff that comes with this.


NSI Climate Survey

  • Staff, students and parent survey out this week.
  • Please participate in providing feedback.
  • Notice in the newsletter from Niall Kehoe, Assistant Principal.


OSHC Updates

  • Parents can inform staff of an absence from OSHC via the Xplor Home app, OSHC Seesaw or text message! Please do not Seesaw teachers or contact the office and assume messages are getting to OSHC. Teachers are teaching and have playground duty during the day, so may not see these messages.
  • It is imperative that if you have booked your child into OSHC, and they have been collected due to appointments or illness, or you will be collecting them from class or Kiss and Drive at the end of school, that parents notify OSHC directly.
  • This is all in line with keeping our children safe and knowing where they are after school.
  • Thank you for being onto this.


Signage, Website and Facebook

  • We are currently reviewing our school website to update images.
  • Signage around the school continues to be updated with the school values. An Early Childhood Charter will also be out later this year, which will include signage around the ECE area.
  • Facebook – This continues to be a work in progress as we look further into sharing what is happening at St Columba’s School.


JFE Uniform Update

  • Girls trousers and shorts are now available
  • Uniform shop open again on a weekly basis commencing September [Wednesday afternoons]


COVID-19 Protocols

  • Thank you to all our families for their understanding regarding the impact of COVID within schools.
  • Thank you to parents who have been registering any positive COVID cases with children on the school website, under the orange tile, COVID 19 Self Reporting.
  • We continue to be flexible with our school events, and constantly review our plans. We appreciate the support when things change at the last minute. We continue to encourage safe practices at school.
  • School staffing is impacted upon with both COVID [second rounds] and other illnesses currently.


Other Dates to Note

  • Pupil Free Day this Friday 19 August – Faith Formation Day [Prayer]
  • Performing Arts Choir Monday 22 August at Vasto Club Balcatta.
  • Book Week Parade Friday 26 August at 8.45 am – Undercover Area [Merit Award Assembly moved to Friday 16 September]
  • Father’s Day Mass and Breakfast Friday 2 September [Pastoral Care Team]


Wishing you a wonderful week ahead. Now, see how you go with ikigai and finding your purpose for getting up in the morning. Remember, you make a difference to the world and others through every interaction. Also, one other thing kigai recommends is getting back to nature, getting into the earth. Now, there has been plenty of rain, so there are plenty of weeds in gardens. If you have a garden, find 30 minutes to get into the earth by weeding…no gloves. If you do not have a garden, weed a neighbours place. Just make sure you ask them before you start weeding. Reconnecting with the earth is so good for us as humans.

Cheers and blessings in abundance to you and your family.







Parent Survey

Attached to this newsletter is a survey that is used to find out about the climate of THIS school. The survey provides an opportunity for you as parents to tell the school staff how things are going for you and your child/children. We value your feedback and ask for some of your precious time to complete this survey. This Survey is designed to capture parent impressions and therefore there are no wrong or right answers.


Niall Kehoe
Assistant Principal


P & F News

Now that the school oval is looking fantastic it is time to move on to a new fundraising focus. A group of Year 4 students have been working on a design for a new senior playground to replace the old equipment currently downstairs. They have been doing a great job talking to the students and working with staff to come up with a design that will have lots of new and challenging elements. Our fundraising efforts will be going towards the new play equipment with the aim to have it installed over the Christmas Holidays.

We have a full fundraising calendar planned so get out your diaries!

  • Thursday 15th September – Cake stall and Sausage sizzle at the Athletics carnival. Please remember no fresh cream or any ingredients that require refrigeration. Volunteer roster will be set up.
  • Monday 19th September – Subway lunch. The students (and Staff) will have the opportunity to order lunch from Subway! This will be an online order system through Quikcliq with a portion from each lunch going towards our fundraising.
  • Friday 14th October – School Disco
  • Friday 28th October – Sausage Sizzle at Swimming carnival for years 4-6
  • Friday 4th November – Italian night on the oval. We will be selling pasta for dinner and are looking at having a Gelato cart and coffee van. Come an enjoy an evening on our new Oval!
  • Christmas Raffle – to be drawn at the end of year concert

We will be tracking our progress on a Fundraising Thermometer, keep an eye on our progress.


Entertainment Memberships

Online memberships are available again this year.  Memberships can be purchased online



We have had queries from families who would like to make a contribution to the CSPWA without being involved in purchasing items. This is incredibly generous, and we are always grateful for any donations in whatever form they take.

The CSPWA bank details are below and can be used at anytime to pay online for fundraisers or for contributions. We ask that you include a family name in the description so that we can allocate funds coming into the account

Name – The Roman Catholic Archbishop of Perth, St Columba’s P&F Association

BSB – 086 006

ACC – 679360271


The next meeting is on Tuesday 20 September at 7.00pm.


Any questions or queries, I can be contacted via email

Tanya Armstrong

President CSPWA





Together we’re making a difference

At Pharmacy 777, your support makes a difference to your school.
We understand how much your school means to you, that’s why at Pharmacy 777, we’re passionate about making a difference. Our Community Spirit Program makes giving back to your school easier. As a Community Spirit member, for every transaction you make at Pharmacy 777 Bayswater and Maylands, they will give part proceeds back to the school. This contribution accumulates over time and funds raised support causes at the heart of your school. We would encourage all school community members to visit Pharmacy 777 Bayswater and Maylands and join up.

Library News

Library 2022


A warm invitiation is extended to ALL families to visit the library from 8:15am in the mornings Monday – Friday.  

(If Mrs Cuthbert is unavailable, the library will be closed) 


Pre-primary, Kindy & Pre-Kindy families take advantage and come and read all our fabulous picture books with your little ones till 8:45am. 


The library is a calming and quiet place, making it the perfect spot for students to have a smooth and calming transition in the morning.

Students may like to return and borrow books before school.

Looking forward to seeing you the library.



Reading and activities in the LIBRARY


Students may also use this time to exchange their library book.










2022 CBCA Book Week
Dreaming with eye open…

20 – 26 August 2022

Dress Up Parade (Kindy – Year 6)
Friday 26 August 2022

All students in Kindy to Year 6 are invited to come to school dressed as their favourite book character. The purpose of this event is to celebrate Book Week, therefore the focus is on participation rather than the costume.

Why no recycle a costume, or put together something from home!
Please keep it simple and stress free 🙂

Please note: Costumes are not restricted to the Book Week theme.


Book Week Events

Friday 26 August – Dress up Parade & Photobooth
Bookmark for each student


Colouring Competition
FREE Entry
Prize: $20 Gift Voucher for a student in each class




Rita Cuthbert – Library Officer – Library- the original search engine

Pastoral Care

Happy Birthday to:

To the following students who will be celebrating this coming week:

Hugo Allison KW
Eliza McGlue KW
Arthur Oliveira 1G
Parker Connell 1G
Xavier Tobin 1W
Huw Humphreys 2G
Lucinda Tran 3W
Chloe Bouteloup 4W
Abbie Hartus 5W
Girishma Berigai 6W











Week 6 – 24 August
Week 7 – 31 Agust

Kindy Green
Week 6 Louis Fry
Week 7 Mason Meenan
Kindy White
Week 6 Harper Raven
Week 7 Holly Magee
PP GreenWeek 6 Filip Pizzata
Week 7 Hazel Scarvaci
PP White
Week 6 Erin Kennewell
Week 7 Faye Gallagher
Year 1 Green
Week 6 Jacob Mak
Week 7 Mathea Co
Year 1 WhiteWeek 6 Lucas Scali
Week 7 Owen Metherell
Year 2 GreenWeek 6 Henry Webb
Week 7 Henry Crookes
Year 2 White
Week 6 Sajad Aljabry
Week 7 Sera McDougall
Year 3 Green
Week 6 Charlotte Eaglesham
Week 7 Christian Cullura
Year 3 White
Week 6 Lachlan Eaton
Week 7 Leo Kennelly
Year 4 GreenWeek 6 Harry Lange
Week 7 Irissa Duong
Year 4 WhiteWeek 6 Jack Hutton
Week 7 Kaitlyn Bidwell
Year 5 GreenWeek 6 Jack Gilbert
Week 7 Kai Fermanis
Year 5 WhiteWeek 6 Noah Thomas
Week 7 Ryder Walsh
Year 6 Green
Week 6 Dante Felt
Week 7 Daphne Wishart
Year 6 White
Week 6 Jett Mann
Week 7 Joshua Hartstonge




Father’s Day Breakfast

Friday, 2nd September @ 7.30am

More details to follow next week

Religious Education and Curriculum News

From our Year 3’s

In Year 3, we have been learning about God’s love and forgiveness. We focused on how Jesus used the parable of the Lost Coin to teach about God’s love for people. We enjoyed creating a coin that shows that we are loved by God, and that God will always welcome us back if we are lost.


From our Year 6’s

The Year 6 classes have been very busy reflecting on their camp experiences. They have had a lot of fun looking through the hundreds of photos, writing about their favourite part and creating a recount on Book Creator.






Community Notices

THURSDAY 8 September 5.30-8.30pm – Post Plenary Perceptions


The Council for Catholic Women Perth warmly invites you to hear Perth’s women members share their experience of the second assembly of the Plenary Council.

There will be an opportunity for questions and discussion. All welcome.

Venue : James Nestor Hall ,Catholic Education Office 50 Ruislip St West Leederville

When: Thursday 8 September, 5.30pm – 8.30pm (Light refreshments served 5.30pm – 6pm)

RSVP by Tuesday 6 September to or mob 0400 886 835


















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PO Box 61, Bayswater WA 6933
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