Principal's Post

Dear St Columba’s School Community,

Many of our students have been competing in various events across the school over the last week. It has been great to see there is an opportunity for students to shine in their areas of interest and talent.

In classes, teachers have been providing the students with the opportunity to participate in the Matific Math Olympiad. Two students from Year 6 very quickly reached their 150 stars. Well done to Raffael and Xavier. At the last update, our school was in 10th place from the 50 schools participating.

Selected students will also commence participating in the Australian Maths Challenge which commences today. Well done to all students for your nomination and best wishes to you all. Thank you to Mrs Jenny McLeod for co-ordinating these Maths opportunities across the school.

The Spelling Bee has also brought some excitement across the school. It was so delightful hearing all mums and dads at drop off each morning wish their children good luck for the day as they eagerly headed into the classroom. I think the Spelling Bee brings back childhood memories for many of us as we can appreciate the nerves we had when recalling how to spell a word verbally on the spot. Congratulations also to all our participants and to Mrs Vinciullo who is co-ordinating the Spelling Bee for us.

A massive congratulations to our Interschool Cross Country Team who placed third overall. I am sure all the dedication to your regular training meant you were all able to achieve your personal best for the day. Well done to the Team, Mr Dylan Banks and all volunteers who assist weekly for Columba Runners.


Staff Congratulations
Congratulations to Miss Amy Holloway (Kindy Education Assistant) and Miss Melissa Merendino (Education Assistant Yr 1-6) who have recently become engaged. We are all so excited for you both.


Finding time for prayer
This year our student leaders have been leading the school in prayer on a Monday morning over the Public Address System. This is one of our “in-between” moments where we can lift our hearts to God for a moment as a community and has become a regular weekly routine in our school, just like prayers before eating and at the beginning and end of the day. Developing this pattern in our days can help us feel accompanied by God all day long.

Here are a few small “in-between” moments you may be able to find for talking to God:

  • Brushing teeth is something we do every day for a few minutes.  If we transform that time into a simple dialog with God, it can begin and end our day in prayer.
  • We can pray walking to a meeting or heading into a store.
  • As we reach to answer a phone, a 2 second prayer for the person calling can change my interaction with the caller.
  • If we find our mind wanders, we can take our distractions to God and ask for help.


Fundraising Efforts
At last Friday’s Pyjama Day our school raised $686.60 for LifeLink and $503.25 was raised from the sale of the ice creams which will be donated to Mercy Works. Well done everyone.


Parents and Friends Meeting
Our next Parents and Friends Meeting will take place next Tuesday 8 August at 7.00 pm. All families are welcome to join us in the School Library.


In gratitude,

Gina Burns


P & F News

Volunteering once a year, opens a door of opportunities for our kids. Giving back, means the world to them. Assist our St Columba’s P&F with your role of choice for events, fundraisers or even part of the Class Representative team.

Our “Just one Thing” volunteer sign up is now live. Please consider volunteering especially if you haven’t done so before. It’s a great way to meet new parents and make new friends. Thanks to all those that have already registered for their “One Thing”. Please use the link below to access the sign up form:



Entertainment Memberships

Online memberships are available again this year. Memberships can be purchased online.



Our next P&F meeting is Tuesday 8 August at 7.00pm in the library.

Items for the agenda must be submitted by 5pm Friday 4 August.

Any items after this time will be tabled for the next meeting.




Any questions or queries, I can be contacted via email

Tanya Armstrong

President P&F


Library News

Book Week 2023

Term 3 – Week 6

19th – 25th August

READ   GROW   Inspire


This year we will be celebrating Book Week at St. Cols in a number of exciting ways;

Including a live performance, Dress Up Parade, activities and competitions in the Library.

‘Perform ! Education’

Performance (Pre-Primary – Year 6)

Tuesday 22nd August


Dress Up Parade (Pre-Primary – Year 6)   

Tuesday 22nd August   

All students Pre-Primary to Year 6 are invited to come to school dressed as their favourite book character.  

The purpose of this event is to celebrate Book Week,

therefore, the focus is on participation rather than the costume…

Why not recycle a costume, or put together something from home!

Please keep it simple and stress free  

Please note: Costumes are not restricted to this year’s theme of:

‘READ GROW Inspire’  

Looking forward to Book Week!


Rita Cuthbert – Library Officer – Library- the original search engine

Pastoral Care

Happy Birthday to:

To the following students who will be celebrating this coming week:

Grace Minchin KW
Leo Cameron 3G
Rosie Juma 3W
Teodor Dimitrijevic 3W
Sandra Mandujano Liu
Olivia Harris 5G
Blake Kenyon 5W
Harrison Bull 6W
Fergal Mippy 6W










The Pastoral Care Team will be holding the annual Father’s Day Breakfast
this year in Term 3 on Friday 1 September (Please see flyer attached to this Newsletter).
Tickets can be booked both electronically by visiting Trybooking at:
or by returning the slip from the flyer along with your cash in an envelope to the
school office by FRIDAY 25 AUGUST, 2023.

More information will be provided in the coming weeks for volunteer opportunities
and the all so very loved Father’s Day Raffle!!

As always thank you for your support of the Pastoral Care Team!



Week 4 – 9 August
Week 5 – 16 August

Kindy Green
Week 4 – Marie O’Callaghan
Week 5 – Lyla Bradley
Kindy White
Week 4 – Ava Sanders
Week 5 – Samuel Smith
PP GreenWeek 4 – Leo Sharrinovski
Week 5 – Edith Parks
PP White
Week 4 – Mason Meenan
Week 5 – Luke Poletti
Year 1 Green
Week 4 – Ross Smith
Week 5 – Aiden Snodgrass
Year 1 WhiteWeek 4 – Bodhi Laffrey
Week 5 – Erin Kennewell
Year 2 GreenWeek 4 – Lucas Scali
Week 5 – Mackenzie Strachan
Year 2 White
Week 4 – Harrison MacPherson
Week 5 – Madelyn Markowski
Year 3 Green
Week 4 – NO RAFFLE
Week 5 – William Parks
Year 3 White
Week 4 – Matilda Meenan
Week 5 – Corey Nguyen
Year 4 GreenWeek 4 – Ava Scali
Week 5 – Sebastian Strachan
Year 4 WhiteWeek 4 – Ella MacPherson
Week 5 – Estelle Pirone
Year 5 GreenWeek 4 – Emme Moretta
Week 5 – Moihi Moses-Taratu
Year 5 WhiteWeek 4 – Archer Laffrey
Week 5 – Isla Markowski
Year 6 Green
Week 4 – William North
Week 5 – Blake Poletti
Year 6 White
Week 4 – Evan Nguyen
Week 5 – Clyde Peters

Religious Education and Curriculum News

Welcome to Term Three

As advertised, Father Andrew and I are organising a second community Baptism event to be held this term. While we have had a number of families express interest in joining us, it is not too late to be included!

Dates have now been confirmed :

Thursday 17 August, 2023 : Baptism Information Evening for parents and those to be Baptised.

Sunday 27 August, 2023 : Baptism Ceremony (10.45am after the 9.30 Mass)


Please contact me to express interest or to ask any questions you may have. You may also feel free to share this information with friends and family.

Looking forward to sharing this celebration with members of our St Columba’s community.

With thanks and best wishes


Leesa Vinciullo
Religious Education and Events Coordinator


From our Kindergarten Classes:

In Kindy we thank God for the country we live in. We thank him for our trees, the sea, the sand and the animals.










From our Technology Classes:

This term in Technologies our junior classes have been learning about positions & directions with the goal of creating simple coding sequences to move robots around the room and through an obstacle course. The Year 2 students have also been inspecting the growth of their plants from Term 2 and are looking forward to bringing some vegetables home in the coming weeks. In Year 3, students have been learning about the forces that will impact this term’s designs including gravity, push & pull. The upper classes have all been using apps from the Microsoft suite to develop their coding, data collection and research skills. As part of their respective projects the Year 4, 5 & 6 students will present their findings in the form of short video clips.










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