Principal's Post

Dear Parents and Friends

Welcome to the final week of Term 3. I know. That flew by. It has been such a nice day today to stop for a bit to reflect on how grateful we all should be for what we have here at school. My gratefulness comes every morning at Kiss and Drive. I cannot express how respectful your children are to our staff. The joy that comes from the kids hopping out of the car and wishing us good morning is something pretty special. You are doing a terrific job with this as parents. There is no question you have taught your children this high respect. It is something that goes missing throughout the world at times, and in our little world of Kiss and Drive, we have it in abundance.

Gratitude is so good for our wellbeing. I know how hard it is to look at the world with the glass half-full some days. I mean, I quite like looking at it half-empty sometimes, just because. No real reason, just because. Sometimes we need to be grumpy about something. Nothing wrong with that. But what we do need to be able to do, is to be able to see the situation with gratefulness. Even the tough stuff, when we are grateful for the little glimmer of sunshine among the clouds, brings some sense of hopefulness. Gratitude is the best thing ever.

I do love this quote as I find it to be so true. Our openness to gratitude and to the goodness around us in many moments throughout the day does allow the tide of love to rush into our lives. It is so good. It is like when young Hugo walks by in the morning as he comes to pre-Primary. We catch up about the Penrith Panthers and how they are going in the NRL. We have the best little interactions. They are for 15 seconds and my day is instantly brighter. Come on those Panthers. They are on at 2.00 pm Saturday in a prelim versus the Storm [juggernauts of the NRL] before the Grand Final. Live on Channel 9 and a nice warm up for the grandy between Melbourne and the Western Bulldogs. Good luck to our Melbourne and Bulldog supporters. May your team have a ripping good game. Enjoy!

On the theme of gratitude, everything below has a touch of this, as there is so much goodness around at the minute.


Mercy Mission Day

Mercy Mission Day was a huge success. We will have a final total of funds raised early next term. These funds will go to the Mercy Missions and to LifeLink to support those in need within our local community and abroad. We could not have achieved what we achieved on Tuesday if it were not for our staff and parents. We are so grateful for the support we receive. As Principal, I feel blessed when I see the support of parents and staff working together to achieve great things. Our kids had the best day. They just loved it. Head to our school Facebook page for the proof.


Athletics Carnival

Congratulations to everyone involved in the Athletics Carnival last Friday. It was a fabulous day, filled with excitement and fun. Our kids were outstanding in their efforts, celebrating the many gifts they have. Special thanks to Jo McCluskey and Mitch McGivern for their organisation of the carnival. Big thanks also to our staff for their commitment to the running of the day. I also wish to thank Jenn Debono for her last 8 years of marshalling our children at the starting line for every race. Jenn chills the kids out at the start line, making it relaxed and fun.

To all our parents in CSPWA who assisted with the sausage sizzle and cake bake, just brilliant! Huge thanks. Gratitude to all our families, parents, grandparents, for your support on the day. Your commitment to our kids and school is so highly valued. Finally, to our kids. You never stop amazing me with your giftedness and you energy. You look after your mates and care for them. This was so evident on the day how you support others. Another terrific day for everyone. I just loved it, so thank you from me. Who is the luckiest Principal on the planet? Why? You all know why.


Columba Runners

A big thank you to our parents who have organised our Columba Runners for 2021. It has been another wonderful way of celebrating our kids’ gifts and their efforts. Without parents giving their time, and it is a big commitment of time, this activity would not be provided for our kids after school. This is one of the things about the culture being created by everyone at our school. I hear so many parents saying how much they appreciate the efforts of those involved. Special thanks to Tanya Armstrong and Louise Bass.


Pastoral Care Team

Throughout the term, we have once again seen the undercover work of our pastoral care team of parents and grandparents. They are always looking for ways to care for those within our school. Whether it be celebrating the birth of a child, or someone being unwell, a child with a fractured wrist or the sadness of someone passing in a family within our school. They just know what to say at the right time. It is a unique gift and something I and we are all grateful for as a community. It is truly a blessing.


Pharmacy 777 Bayswater and Maylands

Over the last 18 months, our CSPWA [P and F] have worked in partnership with Pharmacy 777 and Greg Da Rui as part of their Community Giving Program. As such, when parents or families purchase from Pharmacy 777 and mention St Columba’s School, there is a contribution return to the CSPWA. These funds add up and this week our school was presented with funds of $869.45 from the Bayswater Pharmacy and $275.28 from the Maylands Pharmacy. We thank everyone for their support in the program. It certainly makes a difference.


Long Service Leave Term 4

Ric Carbone, one of our Year 4 teachers, will be taking long service leave next term, spending time with his two young boys and family. An exciting time for Ric. We thank Ric for his commitment to his students and their families throughout the year and very much look forward to welcoming him back in 2022. Jennifer Scott and Sarah Lombardo will be replacing Ric during this time. We thank them for their enthusiasm in taking on the role in Term 4.


School Uniform

Our summer uniform starts back first day next term. Thank you everyone for their efforts throughout winter. We know it wanes towards the end of Term 3 with an abundance of lost items. The summer uniform continues to include predominantly white sneakers/sport shoes, St Columba socks with the sport uniform and black school shoes or brown sandals with the academic uniform. If it remains cool in the morning, students need to wear the school jumper with the academic uniform and the sport track top with sport uniform. We look forward to seeing everyone back next term, wearing their correct uniform.

With hairstyles, please remember hair at collar length or longer must be tied back. No track lines are to be shaved into the hairstyles. We continue to speak to individual families regarding any inappropriate hairstyles and are grateful for the support we have received. Please remember with earrings, these must be sleepers or a simple stud earring. We have seen a large variety come through over the last few weeks. Please attend to this over the holiday break.


Please note the following dates are Pupil Free Days

Friday 24 September

Last day for students for Term 3 is Thursday 23 September

Monday 11 October

First day for students for Term 4 is Tuesday 12 October


As we head into the holiday break, may you find some rest from the routines of school life. Goodness to you always, and thanks again for allowing us the privilege of working with your children in their learning and growth as young people.


In gratitude






Don’t forget to Like our St Columba’s Facebook page. Yep, we are excited. Did you see the Pre-Primary’s eating the vegetables that they grew? Impressive.



P & F News

Athletics Carnival Sausage Sizzle and Cake Stall

A HUGE Thank You to all those who helped at the athletics carnival with the sausage sizzle and cake stall. We had an army of people helping throughout the day and your efforts are very much appreciated.

There were some amazing contributions to the cake stall, and we raised $870. The sausage sizzle was again a huge hit with children and parents and raised over $900.



CSPWA are holding a disco on Friday 15th of October. There are two sessions, one for Pre-Kindy to Year 2 and the second for Year 3 – Year 6. Tickets are $5 and are available online. Please see the flyer attached to the newsletter for more information. The link for tickets is:


An evening of art with wine and cheese

The CSPWA main fundraising event is in the final stages of planning. A massive thanks to all the students, staff and parents that have produced the amazing pieces of art. We are putting together a brochure to allow people to learn about the pieces and to show off the beautiful work. Images will also be put on the Facebook page over the holidays so keep an eye out.

We are just waiting for our liquor license to be finalised before we are able to put tickets on sale. The event will be capped at 250 people and tickets will be available online in the same way as the disco.


Columba Runners

SAVE THE DATE – Sunday 17 October. Wind-up. Riverside Gardens.

Full details Week 1, Term 4.




Together we’re making a difference

At Pharmacy 777, your support makes a difference to your school.
We understand how much your school means to you, that’s why at Pharmacy 777, we’re passionate about making a difference. Our Community Spirit Program makes giving back to your school easier. As a Community Spirit member, for every transaction you make at Pharmacy 777 Bayswater and Maylands, they will give part proceeds back to the school. This contribution accumulates over time and funds raised support causes at the heart of your school. We would encourage all school community members to visit Pharmacy 777 Bayswater and Maylands and join up.

Pastoral Care

Happy Birthday to:

To the following students who will be celebrating this coming week:

Sebastian Setzinger PKG
Erin Kennewell KG
Jessica Kennewell KG
Harvey Ferguson PPG
Aston Raynor PPG
Corey Nguyen 1G
Xavier Robinson 4G

And all the students who will be celebrating over the holidays.










Pastoral Care Raffle

Here are the rosters:


Week 10 – 22 September


Kindy Green
Week 10 Jesse Smith
Kindy White
Week 10 Adam Nguyen
PP GreenWeek 10 Thomas Hodson
PP White
Week 10 Patrick McGlue
Year 1 Green
Year 1 WhiteWeek 10 NO RAFFLE
Year 2 GreenWeek 10 Sofia Jaramillo-Restrepo
Year 2 White
Week 10 Zozie Higgs
Year 3 Green
Year 3 White
Week 10 Phoenix Stanmore
Year 4 GreenWeek 10 NO RAFFLE
Year 4 WhiteWeek 10 NO RAFFLE
Year 5 GreenWeek 10 NO RAFFLE
Year 5 WhiteWeek 10 Kassandra Flexman
Year 6 Green
Year 6 White


Raffle tickets are 20 cents each with a maximum of 3 tickets per child. Each child will be rostered once a year to bring a BOOK to the value of $5.

If there are any parents out there that love cooking and are able to help us with meals please contact Jeannie –

Your continued support is greatly appreciated by our school community.


Pastoral Care Team.



Faction Athletics Carnival

The Faction Athletics carnival was held at Noranda Athletics track on Friday, September 17th, 2021. It was a fabulous day!

There were, once again, so many amazing performances by so many students on the track and the team games were enjoyed by everyone.

At the end of the day the winning faction was McAuley,  followed by Russell, Pascal and Columbanus. The team spirit award went to Columbanus who were the most organised thanks to their faction captains who did such an efficient job organising their team.

Thank you to all the staff who assisted on the day and to Jenn DeBono who once again helped with marshalling. Thanks Jenn, for all your help over the years. We will miss you next year at carnivals. Huge Thank you to all the parents who helped with the lunches and in the canteen.

The effort and time you put in to support the school is much appreciated.

Those children from Years 3-6 who are selected for the interschool team will receive information this week.

Jo McCluskey


Champion Boy/Girl

Year 1 GirlsMia Fernandez

Amelia Wilkey

Year 1 BoysCohen LeeHuw Humphreys
Year 2 GirlsHarriet WebbIvy Hoogland
Year 2 BoysMichael Baldwin

Christian Cullura

Year 3 GirlsKeira PollittScarlett Fernandez
Year 3 BoysGethin HumphreysTy Fernandez
Year 4 GirlsCamille TributKalani Brammer
Year 4 BoysDylan SardelichRafael Martino Da Fonseca
Year 5 GirlsKate RattrayAoife Rattray
Year 5 BoysDominic TreacyLiam Jarvis
Year 6 GirlsZoe IeraceMia Partington
Year 6 BoysMiel FuentesMilan Dimitrijevic



Community Notices

Whatley Crescent temporary full closure between King William Street and Garratt Road – 4 October to 18 December 2021

Whatley Crescent, between King William Street and Garratt Road, will temporarily close in both directions to all motorists from 4 October to 18 December 2021.

Changed traffic conditions will result in extra travel time for commuters. Detour routes on arterial roads will be clearly signed, and temporary traffic management treatments will be installed on several local roads.

Road and path users are asked to take care when travelling through the area, allow extra time for their journey and follow all traffic management directions and signage.

Pedestrian access and a shared detour path for cyclists along Whatley Crescent will be maintained at all times during the closure.

If you have any questions about the closure, or traffic management treatments, please contact METRONET on 9326 3666 or visit

Whatley Crescent Detour_Map



2021 Term 4 After School Classes are OPEN for Enrolment

BRICKS 4 KIDZ® After School Classes are built on the popularity of LEGO® to deliver high quality Educational Play! Come and join in all the fun of our BRICKS 4 KIDZ® After School Classes with LEGO® and Coding with Robotics!

Please refer to the flyer attached to this newsletter. 


Kora Centre

Childcare in Bayswater – Refer to flyer attached to this newsletter.

Kora Centre Inc. – Licensed childcare service at Bayswater

















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