The Catholic School Advisory Council works together with the Principal and staff to provide a faith-based education with a school environment that is welcoming, safe and supportive for the students and families.

The Advisory Council in conjunction with the Principal plans for the future development of the school and the students including the financial administration associated with the running of the school.

The Catholic School Advisory Council comprises of the Principal, Parish Priest (ex officio member), and persons from the school community who meet once every school term.

For the 2024 School Year the Catholic School Advisory Council are:

  • Greg Armstrong (Chairperson)
  • Drew Carruthers
  • Clare Sardelich
  • Stephanie Juszkiewicz
  • Caroline Webb
  • Father Andrew Albis (Parish Priest)
  • Gina Burns (Principal)

The Annual Community Meeting is held in November each year.


St Columba’s School Bayswater

32 Roberts Street, Bayswater WA 6053
PO Box 61, Bayswater WA 6933
Phone: (08) 9208 2700