Principal's Post

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

Man, it has been busy. I think I am waning a little heading into the back end of the week, but Thursdays and Fridays are always days that bring the threads of hope that I spoke about last week. Funny, but I was thinking how busy my days have been, then I thought of you our parents, and how busy your mornings and evenings must be. [Therefore, I get why you might not even get any chance to read the Donegal Principal Post] Truly, you must feel exhausted some days. You have so much on. How do you do it? Hope you are going okay. Every now and then I remember the days of getting Holly and Skye ready in the morning, making sure brekky was done, lunches, reading books in the bag, hair done and the right uniform on. Then the afternoon schedules of sport training and the organising of dinner, baths, homework and then bedtime. I mean bedtime was great as I used to have reading time with them both. Nothing better to be true. Think I would fall asleep before them though. They were times of blessings, but kept you going flat tack.

Just thinking, it takes me about ten minutes for me to drive home. I have no one else in the car, so I get to listen to whatever I wish, even just enjoy the silence. When you drive home from school, your little ones will be filling you in on their day, informing you of how hungry they are and asking a thousand questions about what are we doing now or where are we going? It is just so busy. You have so much responsibility. A wonderful responsibility, but one that requires you to be very kind to yourself when you feel a little tired. We know it is a blessing, Please make sure you are following some of my earlier Posts around self-care and being gentle on you. Really important you do. You are too valuable.

What has always made me feel a sense of gratitude [you know, ikigai] is how our community take care of each other. It all comes naturally. We have other’s interest at hand, and just want to care. I spoke of a thread of hope last week, and these threads are brought to life by us as we care. It is the small things that we do for others that makes the world a better place. I really do hope you are being good to yourself and being gentle when things are not going to plan. The other part of this is that we need to be reminding ourselves it is okay.

I really like these words. Why? Well, it is because it is so true. I think we can forget that there are so many people around us that would do anything for us. I guess that is what I love about being here. I know this first hand from the care I get from everyone. It is an overwhelming thing to know there is such care. What you all need to know, is that this is reciprocal. You are quality humans. Just remember what is written above. It does make it easier on the difficult days that come. I love how you look out for each other.

I think one of the things about our school community is that when there is someone who needs us to get around them, we do it with grace and deep sense of care. We care like family. This is what I will remember about my time with you. The tough times that we may go through, may not be made easier, but just the knowing that there is this level of true humanness is something that will forever be a blessing for us all. We just forget it sometimes. I try not to, but do, just simply because there is so much more happening and my head gets so full.

With all of this, I feel so much gratitude at what I get from your kids. You are going to love these next group of illustrations. Some of our Year 2s were presenting their ideas on our school value, Peace. Our kids are the ones who show us the way sometimes. One thing I cannot wait to share with our new Principal, Gina Burns, are the values of our school. They are the soul of St Columba’s. We get to live these, we get to be open about the way we are towards self and others. What a wonderful foundation for Gina to come into our school and witness. We are blessed to have such a good person be appointed to be with you and walk alongside you over the coming years. What I do love, is knowing how grateful Gina is to be with you. Gratitude always says much about a person. Gina has this in abundance.

This first quote from our kids was stunning. I will let you read it. I often use Google Images for quotes, now all I need to do is go down to Year 2.

Honestly, does this not brighten your world right now? I know, right, these are Year 2 kids. Wisdom beyond their years. Although, I will say, I do spend a lot of time out in the playground. Their wisdom does not surprise me. Peace is beauty in the world. Man, just spend a moment with this. Is there anything that has more truth than these words? Maybe the next lot of quotes below might. I mean, ‘Peace is having a calm heart’. ‘Peace is knowing you are one of a kind’. I could seriously write a book on each of these. Maybe pick one to put on your fridge. Have the whole family live it.




















Father’s Day

Hard to believe this has already come around again. I do miss the Sundays when the girls were little and they would do this. It is the best. You are sleeping, and there they are, prizing your eyes open. This is love at its most special. May your day be one that brings you an abundance of blessings.

Know that you do a wonderful job being a dad and that there is something special about all that it brings to our lives. To those who will find this Father’s Day a tough one, please look after yourself. We will be thinking of you. A special thank you to all those involved in the Pastoral Care team and beyond in organising the breakfast this Friday, and to all those preparing the Mass. It is a big morning. The church will be packed tomorrow. Please note, that there are no restrictions on numbers in attendance. You may wear a mask inside the church if you wish.


Performing Arts

Congratulations to the choir for the performance last week. They received a Certificate of Excellence for their efforts. There are over 80 students in the Year 3-6 choir. All students, along with Mrs Smith, should be very proud. They are just such high quality kids.


Book Week

Thank you to everyone for putting in the extra efforts to get kids organised for Book Week. It always takes time and effort to be ready for such things on the day. Our kids love it, as do our staff and parents. One of the favourite days of the year. Who does not like getting dressed up? Thank you to Mrs Cuthbert for her organisation of the day and different competitions throughout the week. It was a pity the undercover area speakers blew on the morning. As with how we roll at St Col’s, everyone adapted and got on with it. Nothing better than bouncing back.


Sacrament of Confirmation

Next weekend, our Year 6s and children from the parish program, will be making their Confirmation. We thank all our parents for their support, our teachers for their commitment to their students, and our kids for the way they have embraced this sacrament that will bring them so much goodness.


Athletics Carnival

What I will say, is just how much the kids are embracing getting ready for the athletics carnival in a couple of weeks. They are smashing out the team games and having a go at all the different field events. There have been a couple of ties here and there in the field events and the kids have responded to their jump offs or throw offs with class. We always encourage being pleased for others when they do well. I cannot tell you how the kids have taken this on. These are the moments where we get to stop and be so grateful for the quality of our kids. We love that they are competitive and want to do well. What is even better is their joy for others doing well, and how they deal with their disappointment. I could learn from them at times.


As we head into the first weekend of finals in the AFL, I wish all Fremantle Dockers supporters the very best for this Saturday night. You deserve to get through to the next weekend. I know there are some Western Bulldogs fans among the families, especially Harry Lange. He just loves them. Either way, think about how good it is to play in a final. To those Carlton fans, just know we still think about you two weeks later. How you feeling? Better? There is next year. Maybe go back and read my newsletter last week, ‘threads of hope’, was the theme. Remember, you could be a North Melbourne supporter.

Keep looking after yourself and check in on someone this week that you may not have seen for a while and ask how they are going. Like, really ask how they are going? It makes such a difference to the world, to lives. You have an abundance of love to share. Go share it, I say!

Wishing everyone a weekend of blessings.





Whatley Crescent-King William Street Intersection 

The Whatley Crescent-King William Street intersection will temporarily close between 9pm Friday 2 September to 5am Monday 5 September to facilitate work on the elevated rail bridges.


Parent Survey

Attached to this newsletter is a survey that is used to find out about the climate of THIS school. The survey provides an opportunity for you as parents to tell the school staff how things are going for you and your child/children. We value your feedback and ask for some of your precious time to complete this survey. This Survey is designed to capture parent impressions and therefore there are no wrong or right answers.


Niall Kehoe
Assistant Principal


P & F News

Now that the school oval is looking fantastic it is time to move on to a new fundraising focus. A group of Year 4 students have been working on a design for a new senior playground to replace the old equipment currently downstairs. They have been doing a great job talking to the students and working with staff to come up with a design that will have lots of new and challenging elements. Our fundraising efforts will be going towards the new play equipment with the aim to have it installed over the Christmas Holidays.

We have a full fundraising calendar planned so get out your diaries!

  • Thursday 15th September – Cake stall and Sausage sizzle at the Athletics carnival. Please remember no fresh cream or any ingredients that require refrigeration. Volunteer roster will be set up.
  • Monday 19th September – Subway lunch. The students (and Staff) will have the opportunity to order lunch from Subway! This will be an online order system through Quikcliq with a portion from each lunch going towards our fundraising.
  • Friday 14th October – School Disco
  • Friday 28th October – Sausage Sizzle at Swimming carnival for years 4-6
  • Friday 4th November – Italian night on the oval. We will be selling pasta for dinner and are looking at having a Gelato cart and coffee van. Come an enjoy an evening on our new Oval!
  • Christmas Raffle – to be drawn at the end of year concert

We will be tracking our progress on a Fundraising Thermometer, keep an eye on our progress.


Entertainment Memberships

Online memberships are available again this year.  Memberships can be purchased online



We have had queries from families who would like to make a contribution to the CSPWA without being involved in purchasing items. This is incredibly generous, and we are always grateful for any donations in whatever form they take.

The CSPWA bank details are below and can be used at anytime to pay online for fundraisers or for contributions. We ask that you include a family name in the description so that we can allocate funds coming into the account

Name – The Roman Catholic Archbishop of Perth, St Columba’s P&F Association

BSB – 086 006

ACC – 679360271


The next meeting is on Tuesday 20 September at 7.00pm.


Any questions or queries, I can be contacted via email

Tanya Armstrong

President CSPWA





Together we’re making a difference

At Pharmacy 777, your support makes a difference to your school.
We understand how much your school means to you, that’s why at Pharmacy 777, we’re passionate about making a difference. Our Community Spirit Program makes giving back to your school easier. As a Community Spirit member, for every transaction you make at Pharmacy 777 Bayswater and Maylands, they will give part proceeds back to the school. This contribution accumulates over time and funds raised support causes at the heart of your school. We would encourage all school community members to visit Pharmacy 777 Bayswater and Maylands and join up.

Library News

Library 2022


A warm invitiation is extended to ALL families to visit the library from 8:15am in the mornings Monday – Friday.  

(If Mrs Cuthbert is unavailable, the library will be closed) 


Pre-primary, Kindy & Pre-Kindy families take advantage and come and read all our fabulous picture books with your little ones till 8:45am. 


The library is a calming and quiet place, making it the perfect spot for students to have a smooth and calming transition in the morning.

Students may like to return and borrow books before school.

Looking forward to seeing you the library.



Reading and activities in the LIBRARY


Students may also use this time to exchange their library book.









The library has lots of books needing covering. If you can help by taking a small number of books home to cover, please advise the library. Your help is greatly appreciated by staff and students. 





2022 CBCA Book Week
Dreaming with eyes open…


A big thank you to Staff, Parents and Students for your help promoting Book Week and the literacy experience for our students.


This year’s winners have been announced and can be viewed at


Our students enjoyed a fun filled week of Book Week activities, Author visits and finished off with the infamous Book Week Parade.  Students had fun striking a pose for the photo booth and took home a book mark to celebrate this year’s Book Week.

Winners of the Colouring Competition were announced and are off to Crow Books to spend their $20.00 Gift Vouchers. Congratulations to the following:

Kindy Green                                                          JAKE BOUTELOUP

Kindy White                                                          HOLLY MAGEE

Pre-Primary Green                                              THEA O’REILLY

Pre-Primary White                                              HARRIET STAZZONELLI

Year 1 G                                                                 OLIVIA MOLONY

Year 1 W                                                                LILY VERNON

Year 2 G                                                                 COHEN LEE

Year 2 W                                                                JONATHAN TRUONG

Year 3 G                                                                 KIRANA STAHL

Year 3 W                                                                LEO KENNELLY

Year 4 G                                                                 SANA BEZICH

Year 4 W                                                                KEIRA POLLITT

Year 5 G                                                                 TYSON HAYWARD

Year 5 W                                                                ZARA BELL

Year 6 G                                                                 AMIE LAN

Year 6 W                                                                ALYANNA GENETE


Thank you everyone!

Rita Cuthbert – Library Officer – Library- the original search engine

Pastoral Care

Happy Birthday to:

To the following students who will be celebrating this coming week:

Harper Bradley PKG
Lyla Bradley PKG
Violet Zachar KW
Ella Phillips PPG
Arden Bezich 1W
Mia Paulus 1W
Neve Gerick 4G
Kaitlyn Bidwell 4W
Tishan Ratnasekara 6G











Week 8 – 7 September
Week 9 – 14 September

Kindy Green
Week 8 Molly Veale
Week 9 Nathaniel Byrde
Kindy White
Week 8 Holly McMenamin
Week 9 Hugo Allison
PP GreenWeek 8 Jesse Smith
Week 9 Samuel Kootje
PP White
Week 8 Harriet Stazzonelli
Week 9 Shevan Wickramanayake
Year 1 Green
Week 8 Nate Hoogland
Week 9 Oaklyn Payne
Year 1 WhiteWeek 8 Patrick McGlue
Week 9 Thomas Hodson
Year 2 GreenWeek 8 Huw Humphreys
Week 9 Poppy Lillico
Year 2 White
Week 8 Stefano Mustica
Week 9 Thomas Armstrong
Year 3 Green
Week 8 Grace Masnyk
Week 9 Hunter Sardelich
Year 3 White
Week 8 Lilah Jagger
Week 9 Lucinda Tran
Year 4 GreenWeek 8 Lucas Giuffre
Week 9 Natalia Milhinch
Year 4 WhiteWeek 8 Maggie Ma
Week 9 Olivia Harris
Year 5 GreenWeek 8 Leo Pileggi
Week 9 Madden Dean
Year 5 WhiteWeek 8 Sebby Pizzata
Week 9 William North
Year 6 Green
Week 8 Orlando Martino Da Fonseca
Week 9 Riley Thomas
Year 6 White
Week 8 Kate Rattray
Week 9 Katie Kealley



Father’s Day Breakfast

Friday, 2nd September @ 7.30am


There will be a Father’s Day Raffle which will be drawn at the breakfast.

We would love any donations towards the raffle. All donations can be left in the boxes provided in the library and office.

If anyone is able to help (provided food, setting up, cooking, serving, cleaning up) please complete the form using the link below:

Religious Education and Curriculum News

From our Year 1’s

The past two weeks, the Year 1 class have been busy preparing for the Fathers Day Mass. We have been practicing the song “Fathers Day Song” by David Enever, with some hand actions. We are all very excited to show case our beautiful singing voice to the whole school, and parents, on Friday.



From our Year 3’s

Last week REmida came to visit the Year Threes. We worked in groups to make a city out of recycled materials. What we loved about the incursion was working together, using our imagination and putting our creativity to the test.

We had so much fun finding our materials and creating our cities and we loved that we didn’t waste anything and we reused the materials. We think that REmida taught us a lot about recycling and reusing.


Community Notices

ATTENTION PARENTS. Your wedding was just one day in your life, but your marriage is forever.  A Worldwide Marriage Encounter Weekend can put the newness back into your relationship.   Give yourself and your spouse time away from the pressures of work and everyday responsibilities.  Enjoy the chance to talk and listen to each other. You’ll love the difference a Marriage Encounter Weekend can make. .    We invite you to join us on a WORLDWIDE MARRIAGE ENCOUNTER Weekend to be held at Prendiville Catholic College, Ocean Reef  on 5-6 November 2022. For more information or booking contact:  Valerie & Brendon on 0493 534 865 or Email:  Website





THURSDAY 8 September 5.30-8.30pm – Post Plenary Perceptions


The Council for Catholic Women Perth warmly invites you to hear Perth’s women members share their experience of the second assembly of the Plenary Council.

There will be an opportunity for questions and discussion. All welcome.

Venue : James Nestor Hall ,Catholic Education Office 50 Ruislip St West Leederville

When: Thursday 8 September, 5.30pm – 8.30pm (Light refreshments served 5.30pm – 6pm)

RSVP by Tuesday 6 September to or mob 0400 886 835
















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