Principal's Post

Dear Parents

Hope you are all travelling okay and looking after yourself. As we roll through Week 5 of the term, I realise just how quickly this year is going. While it has been a year of difference, a year of awkwardness, I found myself finding some clarity while driving down to our Year 6 Camp in Waroona. It had been a crazy start to my Wednesday, hard to explain it, but being able to hop in the car and drive down to camp. Alone, with my own company was so needed. I felt a little guilty even having this time to myself. Now, that is not good. Feeling guilty because I needed time for self. Well, we all do it I guess. We all have so much on. Just think about your week so far. Think about your week ahead and the weekend.

Anyway, as we were going on camp, and were going to be with another school for the first time, St Pius X in Manning, I was driving down thinking about the talent show that all the kids were going to perform in that night, and the worry that can come from having to stand up in front of many others you do not know. I mean it is hard enough standing up in front of people we do know, then having to perform or present. That is when I thought of a Brene Brown quote that is below.

I decided to speak to all the kids about this before we started the talent show. I was pretty nervous myself. I was feeling awkward. I was dressed in my North Melbourne gear to do a fashion parade with one of the groups. I explained to the kids how feeling awkward, uncomfortable and scared is all okay. It is a good thing. This is all good, and that these feelings are what challenge us. I then talked about bravery. How brave we need to be when we are in these awkward times and about whether we were to get up on stage or not, was all about being brave enough to be who we are. The third part of all of this, was about being kind and treating everyone with the kindness we would want for ourselves.

The kids got this in spades. Straight after I had spoken, one of the staff from St Pius X had all the kids up doing a warm-up performance. It broke the ice, and before we knew it the talent show was underway and the spirit and energy generated by the kids was something pretty special. The thing about kids, we give them an opportunity, and if we guide them, and free them to be themselves, without any fear, they shine. It was a great end to the first day of the camp.











Throughout the camp, we drew on this awkwardness, their bravery and their kindness. It is something we can all bring to every moment we experience. Just think about the times as adults we feel this awkwardness, the feeling of being in an uncomfortable situation. Are we brave and gentle on ourselves? Do we treat ourselves and others with kindness through all of this? It really is a key to life. When I think about some of our kids, and how they needed to overcome some of their fears during the three days away, there is one thing I know we were able to create. This was a resilience to be gentle on self. To stop being so hard on self if we do not achieve what we had hoped, if we disappointed ourselves. We can be so tough on ourselves as adults, but so can our kids.

The greatest learning, I reckon, was that I saw our kids bounce back because they could be kind to themselves. This is going to be the greatest gift they receive from the camp. It is okay being you, and that you are enough. Loved it! We can all learn from this.

As parents and as staff at St Columba’s School, our challenge is to live this. Why not live it I say? Just think about it for one moment. Imagine knowing we are enough, truly knowing this. Imagine being kinder to ourselves, more gentle when we mess up or things just do not go how we want them. We have an inner fortitude and bravery that we can draw on. The important part of this bravery is being vulnerable and accepting of self. Amazing what we learn from being around our kids.

I wish to thank our staff who attended, especially Leesa and Clare, our Year 6 teachers, but to all staff who cared for the kids like their own. Not only our St Col’s kids, but also the St Pius kids. It worked both ways. The kids were amazing with how they mixed with each other, as were the staff. There was connection and a common understanding of what the camp was about. There was an abundance of kindness and generosity across the two schools. We know the kids would have slept very well, especially the Year 6 girls who were playing a football match for Baysie Bears at 6.30 pm that evening.


  • Eucharist Celebrations [Holy Communion] Saturday 22 and 29 August at 3.30 pm.
  • Protocols in place. Immediate families only in attendance.
  • Thank you to Jenny and Ric, along with Megan for their support in preparing the children for the sacrament. Special thank you to our parents for their preparation of the home program and the support you have offered your children during this special time.
  • Thank you to Fr Andrew for always being there for us, and for the way he cares for our families and staff. We are blessed.
  • The Sacrament of Confirmation remains suspended until further notice.


  • Friday mornings @ 8.45 am. Please see Term Planner or Calendar on the website.
  • Protocols in place for COVID-19. 1.5 m social distancing and no handshakes at merit award presentations.
  • Combined classes for assemblies for the remainder of 2020. Year 2 this Friday 21 August.
  • Only the parents/grandparents of the year level performing their item and parents/grandparents of merit award winners are invited to attend the assemblies currently. This is due to the current COVID-19 restrictions that are in place for schools.


Buongiorno. Yes, now for some Italian competition winners. Last term, students from our Year 5s participated in a “Fammi Un Poster Italiano!” (Make Me an Italian Poster!) competition. The students who entered, completed the posters in their own time at home, which shows awesome dedication and commitment. We wanted to say a big bravissimi and well done to all students who entered. Many Perth schools entered, and we are very proud to announce that Matilda Panizza achieved the 2nd place award, and two students, Lila Brown and Eve Bristow-Baohm received a commendation for outstanding work. Congratulations to these three students for their fabulous efforts. Special thanks to Signora Simona DeMaio for organising the competition.





Over the last week, we have received correspondence about some of the driving around our schools in Bayswater, both around Bayswater PS and St Col’s. Both our school’s parents do a really tremendous job in the busyness of the morning and afternoon drop-off and pick-ups, however it only takes a moment of not paying attention for an accident to happen. Please continue to take extreme care around the streets of our schools to ensure the safety of all our precious families.


Way back in March, our Pastoral Care Committee commenced work on our Harmony Tree Project. This was pre-COVID-19, so everything ceased pretty much around this initiative. The Harmony Tree mural will be placed on the wall near the Kindergarten classrooms. As part of the mural, we will be needing parent assistance. The task involves every student representing their national flag from their family heritage on a wooden leaf that can then be placed on the tree. If you have more than one child, you will need to do one leaf for each child. This also allows a family to design more than one flag illustrating their cultural background, if members of your family are from different countries. It is an exciting project that will create something very special for the future.

The excitement of this project is that we have everyone involved. We have kids working together with their parents and kids working with kids. We have a plan for the project, and what we love most, and what is so exciting, is that we are creating artistic spaces around our school.

The Plan:

  1. Teachers will begin sending home wooden leaves for parents to outline, in pencil, the flag of your country. Please write in the colours for the different parts of the flag.

  1. These will come home over the coming weeks. Some classes may have already completed theirs or have sent them home this week.
  2. These leaves will then be painted at school over the coming months, and added to the tree as they are completed.

Wonderful learning to take place here for us adults, and great for our kids to watch the successes that come with having an idea and then going for it. This is going to be fun! Thanks again to the Pastoral Care Committee for inspiring this. I thank, in advance, the many parents who will assist throughout this project.

Here are some samples of how the flags may look on these leaves when completed by the kids:

Wishing everyone a wonderful week ahead. Continue to take care of yourself and if you need anything, please do not hesitate to contact either your classroom teachers or our admin staff. You all have my email, so remember the deal, if you are not sleeping at night because you are worried about something at school, feel free to send me an email so you can rest well.

Enjoy, and many blessings your way.




Camp 2020 may have been three days, but it was the most exhilarating and thrilling three days of our lives! When we arrived at Forest Edge, we were full of adrenaline for the activities and challenges ahead. We were quickly introduced to the Forest Edge staff, and the staff and students from St Pius X, then the fun began. Our favourite activities included the pamper pole, abseiling, kayaking and flying fox – but we also loved all the food! We held a hilarious talent show on the first night – where students AND staff from both schools thoroughly entertained each other – and then we hit the bunkbeds so we were ready for the next day of activities.  Camp was an incredibly memorable experience and all of the Year Sixes are very grateful to have had the opportunity to go.

Saskia and Mary

P & F News

Wine Drive

The P&F are running a wine drive as part of our fundraising initiative.

Please look out for order forms that went home last week with your eldest child. A form is also attached to this newsletter.

If this is something that interests you, please have order forms to Lisa Slocum or myself by 7 of September at the latest. Please feel free to share the order form with friends and family.

Wines are from Hayshed Hill Winery and have been discounted for our fundraiser. For every case sold $40 will be donated to our school.

Wines will be delivered to the school  by 10 September for distribution. 🍷🥂





Entertainment book

The Entertainment book is still available for those who may be interested. To purchase simply use the link below.




Rachel Lange

P&F President




777 Pharmacy

Don’t forget to mention that you are from St Columba’s if you make a purchase at the 777 Pharmacies at Bayswater or Maylands. For every retail purchase made 777 Pharmacy will donate 10% back to our school!




Library News


2020 CBCA 

  Book Week 

Curious Creatures Wild Minds

Dates: 17th – 23th October 2020

Dress Up Parade (Kindy-Year 6)  
Monday 19th October 

All students Kindy to Year 6 are invited to come to school dressed as their favourite book character.  The purpose of this event is to celebrate Book Week, therefore the focus is on participation rather than the costume.

Why not recyle a costume, or put together something from home! 

Please keep it simple and stress free 

Please note: Costumes are not restricted to ‘Curious Creatures Wild Minds’ theme.





The library has lots of books needing covering.  If you can help out by taking a small number of books home to cover, please call into the library. Your help is greatly appreciated by staff and students.















If any families have Children’s Magazines that they no longer need, the students would enjoy reading them.


Please note:

 ALL students require a 

‘St Columba’s Homework/Library bag’ 

to borrow library books.

Students without the St Columba’s bag will be unable to borrow from the beginning of Term 3

Just a reminder that students require the school green ‘Homework and Library Bag’ in order to borrow from the Library.

Many students will already have the green school ’Homework and Library Bag’ from previous years.

‘Homework and Library Bags’ can be purchased from the Uniform Shop at a cost of $10.

Parents please order via the link on the Uniform Shop page of the school website.


Rita Cuthbert – Library Officer – Library- the original search engine

Pastoral Care

Happy Birthday to:

To all students and staff who will be celebrating their birthday over the coming week:

Parker Connell KG
Spencer Landis KG
Elizabeth Kennewell PPW
Lucinda Tran 1G
Havarna Bova 1G
Chloe Bouteloup 2G
Abbie Hartus 3W
William North 3W
Audrey Lawes 3W
Gerishma Berigai 4G
Mikaela Bentley 5G
Zoe Wolters 6G
Olivia Pincus 6G

Pastoral Care Raffle is back, ready to assist the school community in Term 3. Please watch this space for weekly roster updates.

Pastoral Care Team.


Week 6 – 26 August
Week 7 – 2 September

Kindy Green
Week 6 Jacob Mak
Week 7 Katie Kim Oliver
Kindy White
Week 6 Thomas Hodson
Week 7 Joana Gunawan
PP GreenWeek 6 Chanella Halmich
Week 7 Raghav Bhutani
PP White
Week 6 Stefano Mustica
Week 7 Luca Marrapodi
Year 1 Green
Week 6 Ivy Hoogland
Week 7 Alessandro Pizzata
Year 1 WhiteWeek 6 Christian Cullura
Week 7 Aisling Poulsen
Year 2 GreenWeek 6 Olivia Harris
Week 7 Sebastian Kaless
Year 2 White
Week 6 Harry Lange
Week 7 Braelyn Carruthers
Year 3 Green
Week 6 Fergal Mippy
Week 7 Annabel Inglis
Year 3 White
Week 6 Shanal Udugama Korala
Week 7 Elizabeth Wright
Year 4 GreenWeek 6 Katie Kealley
Week 7 Sithma Ratnasekara
Year 4 WhiteWeek 6 Chernet Desalegn
Week 7 Esther Coates
Year 5 GreenWeek 6 Thomas McDougall
Week 7 Orlando Lindsay
Year 5 WhiteWeek 6 Rhys Nillsen
Week 7 Milly Cooper
Year 6 Green
Week 6 Maia Dean
Week 7 Malachi Donovan
Year 6 White
Week 6 Luca Lee
Week 7 Charli Cameron

School Banking


School Banking is back.

School Banking is back.  School Banking Day will be THURSDAY 8:15-8:30AM, in the CANTEEN commencing on 6TH AUGUST 2020.

All school banking contacts will be run in line with WA Government regulations regarding COVID19 including cleaning of all surfaces prior to banking starting, hand sanitising for all students and parents, and social distancing for all students. All prizes are individually wrapped and sealed.

School Banking is a fun, interactive and engaging way to help young Australians learn about money and practice good savings habits. For each weekly deposit made at school, students will receive a token. Once they collect 10 tokens, they can redeem them for a School Banking reward.


Exciting news for TERM 3 is that CommBank will be rewarding all bankers who deposited in Term 1 with the option of an EXTRA prize. Come down and speak with your School Banking Coordinator Ariane Mazurak on Thursday morning about what is on offer.

If your child has lost their deposit wallet, please contact your School Banking Co-ordinator Ariane Mazurak for a replacement via the school office.

If you would like to know more about School Banking, please ask for a 2020 School Banking program parent guide from the school office or visit



Community Notices


Early in 2020, Mercedes College will commence interviewing Year 4 & Year 5 students who are due to start Year 7 in 2022 & 2023 respectively. If you are considering enrolling your daughter and have not yet requested a Prospectus, please contact Mrs Julie Lamb on 9323 1340 as soon as possible. Enquiries are also welcome for places in Year 7 for 2020 and 2021. For more information please refer to the College website,

















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