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Dear Parents and Caregivers

Well, it has taken me eight months to realise the word I had selected for myself for this year, just has not been working for me. I think I was using too much of my head, rather than my gut feeling. In 2019, I had ‘ikigai’. In 2020, I had Ubuntu. This year, I had synchronicity. What I have discovered is that I cannot get any connection with it. Just is not for me. Do not get me wrong, I love the word. It just does not connect me to my life and my purpose at the minute.

After making some time to stop and reflect, I discovered ‘meraki’. As soon as I stumbled across the word, it just felt right. For the last week and half, I have been trying to live this. Not with perfection, but definitely makes a difference to how I view the world all of a sudden. I mean, it is a ripping way to go about things, knowing that you are going to leave a piece of yourself in all you do. Just think about that for a moment. Gives us a purpose that we can bring to others with who we are in a relationship with. Whether it be family, friends, work, wherever we are, we can bring this.

When I look back at my time on camp with our Year 6s last week, it is obvious how our kids do this naturally. It really is just a part of what we do as human beings. Our Year 6s challenged themselves continually throughout the camp, and encouraged and supported their mates in all the experiences they encountered. There was this sense of meraki that was being lived in each moment. When I think of our students abseiling off a 20m tower, to their climbing of a 7.5m pole and jumping off a small platform from a standing position, all of this achieved through a slice of meraki. There was no question in my mind, the discovery of meraki a few days before our camp, was meant to be.

I just needed to witness how the interactions between the instructors and facilitators, the kitchen staff and the students, just how much respect there was between all, to know there was something special about this group of kids and the camp. It is something unique, when I look back at how every experience, whether the kayaking, raft building, wall climbing or the flying fox, there was a life message reflected upon at the conclusion. The activities naturally brought out each student needing to give a little of themselves to what they had just experienced. A little piece of meraki.

I know we are all too busy to have time to think about ‘meraki’. But if it is for even a small amount of time, a couple of times this week, I think we will all find meraki gives us a lift in making a difference to the life of someone else, and even more than this, it will make a difference for us personally.

…and we will always have this guy below to thank for why we think the grass is always greener on our side of the fence. Remember him from back in 2019. Our good mate, ‘Ikigai’.

Deepest Sympathy

On behalf of everyone here at St Columba’s School, we offer our deepest sympathy to Peta Santella, our finance officer, on the sudden passing of her mum, Ena, last Wednesday evening. Our thoughts and prayers are with Peta and her family during this very sad time. We know Ena will be showering her family with blessings from heaven. May Ena rest in peace in God’s love.


Year 6 Camp

An enormous thank you to all our staff and students who attended camp. It was a terrific week of adventure that was filled with experiences the kids will remember for many years to come. We are extremely grateful to our staff who give this time for the benefit of our kids and their growth as young people. There was so much good gained out of our experiences. To our kids, you set the highest of standards of care for each other, and even though not perfect, your willingness to learn and grow was demonstrated in your actions and words. Thank you also to a couple of our parents who attended. Your support and participation, encouragement and positivity, was appreciated by all staff and students. Our camp coordinators, Clare and Leesa, Year 6 teachers, are to be congratulated for the running of the camp and all the work in the lead up and during the four days. A wonderful experience had by all. A fabulous week.


Interschool Spelling Bee

The Interschool Spelling Bee was held today. Our students represented our school with courage and an outstanding attitude towards this high level competition. Certificates for participants will be issued at this Friday’s assembly.


Book Week 2021

Our Book Week 2021 is being held next week. The parade will be first up on Monday morning 23 August at 8.50ish. We will hold this in the undercover area as per usual and would ask parents respect the space so as children have the opportunity to walk around the outside of the courts. We know it comes with such excitement. Also, please remember we encourage everyone to keep their planning for the parade simple, without putting yourself under pressure on the Sunday evening. You have more than enough going on. Enjoy the fun that always comes with Book Week. Such a good day!


Pre-Primary Assembly and Merit Awards

We look forward to this week’s assembly, presented by our Pre-Primary students. It is always good fun seeing our younger students get up and perform at assembly. They do enjoy themselves. Merit Awards, also this week.


Chisholm College Canteen

Chisholm College Canteen will NOT be available this Friday 20 August.


As we all head into our coming days, I wish for you opportunities for meraki to enter your life and that of others. You will be filled with goodness when you live this in some way. I do not know, like really, do not know how it happens, but throwing out good stuff, is caught by those who need it at that time. You will be amazed at what you will bring to the world.


Enjoy your week! Blessings!





P & F News

Together we’re making a difference

At Pharmacy 777, your support makes a difference to your school.
We understand how much your school means to you, that’s why at Pharmacy 777, we’re passionate about making a difference. Our Community Spirit Program makes giving back to your school easier. As a Community Spirit member, for every transaction you make at Pharmacy 777 Bayswater and Maylands, they will give part proceeds back to the school. This contribution accumulates over time and funds raised support causes at the heart of your school. We would encourage all school community members to visit Pharmacy 777 Bayswater and Maylands and join up.

Library News


  2021 CBCA   Book Week 

Old Worlds New Worlds Other Worlds

Dates: 21 – 27 August 2021

Dress Up Parade (Kindy-Year 6)  

Monday 23 August 2021

All students in Kindy to Year 6 are invited to come to school dressed as their favourite book character.  The purpose of this event is to celebrate Book Week, therefore the focus is on participation rather than the costume.

Why not recycle a costume, or put together something from home! 

Please keep it simple and stress free 

Please note: Costumes are not restricted to the theme.


Pastoral Care

Happy Birthday to:

To the following students who will be celebrating this coming week:

Hugo Allison PKW
Xavier Tobin PPG
Spencer Landis PPG
Arthur Oliveira PPW
Parker Connell PPW
Lucinda Tran 2W
Abbie Hartus 4W
Mikaela Bentley 6W










Pastoral Care Raffle

Here are the rosters:


Week 6 – 25 August
Week 7 – 1 September


Kindy Green
Week 6 Harvey Kemmy
Week 7 Heaven White
Kindy White
Week 6 Elliott Bonnett
Week 7 Florence Crookes
PP GreenWeek 6 Nate Hoogland
Week 7 Oliver Minchin
PP White
Week 6 Mae Kapsanis
Week 7 Maria Mustica
Year 1 Green
Week 6 Maya Katich
Week 7 Oliver Hoyne
Year 1 WhiteWeek 6 Luca Marrapodi
Week 7 Stefano Mustica
Year 2 GreenWeek 6 Kathleen Vaccari
Week 7 Leo Kennelly
Year 2 White
Week 6 Lilah Jagger
Week 7 Shishir Berigai
Year 3 Green
Week 6 Scarlett Dudley
Week 7 Tony Masek
Year 3 White
Week 6 Harry Blake
Week 7 James Hodson
Year 4 GreenWeek 6 Leo Pileggi
Week 7 Lucy Gardiner
Year 4 WhiteWeek 6 Harrison Bull
Week 7 Khrish Tah
Year 5 GreenWeek 6 Matthew Li
Week 7 Natasha Juszkiewicz
Year 5 WhiteWeek 6 Georgia De Luca
Week 7 Hannah Mutsaers
Year 6 Green
Week 6 Sofia Lawes
Week 7 Willow Bull
Year 6 White
Week 6 Rhys Nillsen
Week 7 Rory Shanahan


Raffle tickets are 20 cents each with a maximum of 3 tickets per child. Each child will be rostered once a year to bring a BOOK to the value of $5.

If there are any parents out there that love cooking and are able to help us with meals please contact Jeannie –

Your continued support is greatly appreciated by our school community.


Pastoral Care Team.




Father’s Day Breakfast is back for 2021!!!  Please see attachments to this newsletter for details.  Calling upon anyone who can donate a prize so we can host our popular raffle for our Dads.

Thank you !!!

Pastoral Care Team

Community Notices

Kora Centre

Childcare in Bayswater

Kora Centre Inc. – Licensed childcare service at Bayswater



Located in the heart of Perth’s beautiful heritage precinct, Mercedes College are proud to be celebrating 175 years of Mercy education, which makes the 2021 Open Day special! The Tour provides an opportunity for prospective parents to hear from the Senior Leadership Team and enjoy a tour of College facilities led by some of our Student Representative Leaders.

 There are two sessions: 8:30am or 11am. The 8:30am session offers families a morning tea, where you will have the opportunity to speak with some of our Teachers. Please register via the College website;



Enrolments are now open for VacSwim swimming lessons during the October and summer school holidays. VacSwim offers fun lessons at beach or pool locations. They are a great school holiday activity and they teach valuable safety skills to help keep your child safe in the water.

Enrol at
















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