Principal's Post

Dear Parents and Caregivers

It has once again been another fabulous time at St Col’s for our kids. The weeks have flown by this term, and here we are heading into a holiday break. Our kids, our staff and our parents continue to do the very best for each other in the way everyone supports our school. There is always going to be stuff that happens in a school with 500 kids, 50 staff and 1000 parents, it is just the way it is. The way we embrace these imperfections is the inspiring part of being a St Columba’s person. There is no option but to embrace this. It is what sets the standards.

This remains one of my favourite quotes. It allows me to take so much pressure off myself when things do not go to plan. Can I recommend for all of us, that this allows us to find a calmness in the chaos that can at times be our world, our lives? I love knowing I am a glorious mess.


Inter-house Faction Carnival

Last Friday was a ripping good day. I wish to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved in the day, from the most important people, our kids, to our staff to our parents. It was a day for the kids, and they had the best of times. They were looking pretty exhausted by the end of the day, which always means it has been a cracker of a day. Special thanks to Jo McCluskey for organizing the event and all staff involved. A big thanks to our P and F for all their hard work on the day also. Sausage sizzles and cake stalls take a massive effort to organize. These things do not just happen, so gratitude your way.

All results from the carnival can be found further on in this newsletter.


PRE-PRIMARY Carnival on Tomorrow

  • Thursday 24 September
  • Venue: Across the road at Bayswater Primary’s school oval.
  • Commencing around 9.00 am.
  • As this is not our space, but is the property of Bayswater Primary, please be reminded about social distancing.


FREE DRESS DAY for Wheelchairs for Kids

  • Free Dress Day – make a loose coin money trail for the last day of the term. The kids will try and cover as many lines as possible on the basketball court using 5c, 10c, 20c, 50c coins.
  • Thursday 24 September [tomorrow]
  • Some of our Year 5 kids are driving this project.
  • Collection of aluminium can ring tops for use in the project taking place in Term 3 and Term 4. These are melted down and used in the construction of wheelchairs.
  • Special guest next term to bring out the wheelchairs they make. It you are a past CBC Highgate or St Marks’s, even possibly Chisholm student, you will know Br Ollie Pickett. He is the key man who drives this project with many, many volunteers.


Snacks at the Lunch Breaks in Term 4

  • We will be re-opening the canteen at lunchtimes for snacks in Term 4.
  • Ice-creams, frozen yoghurt, slushies, popcorn, cookies and fruit will be available for purchase during the lunch breaks.
  • Due to our split lunch breaks, please not Year 4-Year 6 students will have access to the canteen before they sit to eat lunch at 1.00 pm. The canteen will be open for the Year 4s to Year 6s from 12.30-12.50 pm. This is the play break time with the restructure to lunch breaks. Year 1s to Year 3s will have the canteen open after they eat lunch from 1.10-1.30 pm.



for students

Thursday 24 September



for students

Tuesday 13 October

Please note that students will be back in Summer uniform for term 4.



Swimming WA Junior State Championships 2020 (SC) was very successful event for our boys:

Nicholas Kryachok (6G) – 3 state medals (gold in 800m freestyle, silver in 400 Individual Medley and silver in 400 freestyle). 13 races, 10 Personal Bests

Max Kryachok (4W) – 7 state medals (2 silver (50m breaststroke & 200m  freestyle) and 5 bronze (100m freestyle, 50m freestyle, 200m Indvidual Medley, 100m breaststroke and boys relay team). 11 races, 10 Personal Bests. This was Max’s first time competing at the State Championships.

Nate Cooper (6W) – 2 state medals (1 bronze in 200m breaststroke and 1 bronze in 50m breaststroke). He also swam great races with big Personal Bests.

Congratulations boys.


Thank you again for another tremendous term here at St Col’s. We continue to embrace who we are and look for ways to make tomorrow a better day than today. We do all of this with gentleness for self and gentleness for others. I wish everyone a wonderful time of rest from organizing the kids uniforms and early morning breakfasts, lunches and so much more. I also appreciate many of our parents will be working through the holiday break. I hope you get to find some rest also.

Take care, and like I always remind the kids, I know I am the luckiest Principal in the world…and you all know why. Blessings in abundance!


Art [alias Bob]


Just so you know, the Bob sign-off was to check if one of our mum’s reads the newsletter. I called her daughter Violet one day, for some reason, being a little funny, but mum now calls me Bob. Best part was, this mum, who I now call another name other than her real name, did find Bob in the Donegal. I know this has been a burning question for many of you who read the Donegal, but no, it was not a ghost writer.



A Message from Katpure Photography

We are currently experiencing a delay in our usual turnaround time for the delivery of photographs. This has never been the case at Kapture and is due only to COVID-19 this year.

Our normal turnaround time is 3-4 weeks however we are currently operating at approximately 5-6 weeks (not including school holiday periods).

Unfortunately our forced closure and our reduced team upon eventual return has put us behind schedule, however we have new team members on board, all ‘old’ hands are back on deck – and we anticipate returning to our regular turnaround time by the end of Term 3.

We sincerely thank you for your understanding at this time.



P & F News

Athletics Carnival

Thank you to all the volunteers and donators who helped to make the cake stall and sausage sizzle a huge success! We had lots of people who baked, lent me baskets and bags, donated drinks, cooked the bbq, prepared the rolls and drinks, assembled the hotdogs and cleaned up. Thank you to Pippa Harris, Rebecca Scott, Leston De Mello, Rebecca Laffrey, Bea Humphreys, Tracy Katich, Pia Brammer, Nadia Stewart, Karen and Billy Felton, Nyssa Bull, Alissa and James Ingliss, Kellie Haywood, Aoife Stanmore,  Simon and Louise Bass, Yulia Baldwin, Jo Sommers, Sarah Guiffre, Jill Silverman, Annalisa Fonseca, Megan Harris, Monica Fuentes, Sandra High, Kathyrn Bentley, Jennifer Hurst, Sarah Sorgiovanni, Catherine Rattray, Rebecca Kirk-Smith, Maria Balla, Kirsty Byatt an Emily Hamilton. Apologies if I have left anyone out. The cake stall made $617 and the sausage sizzle made $1340.40.


Pharmacy 777

Pharmacy 777 have changed their donation program. It is now called the Community Spirit Program. It requires customers to sign up and allocate which charity or school they would like their points to be allocated to. We are the first school to be selected for donations. Our school will be allocated points from now until December 31st 2020. So next time you are at  Pharmacy 777 feel free to sign up, collect points and have those points converted into dollars for our school!


School Disco

The school disco will be held on Friday the 30th of October and will be Halloween themed. The disco will be held at the school undercover area. More details to follow soon.


Thank you
Rachel Lange
P&F President

0401 856 385


Library News

Book Week 2020

Term 4 – Week 2

17 – 23 October

Curious Creatures Wild Minds

Dress Up Parade (Kindy-Year 6)  
Monday 19th October 

All students Kindy to Year 6 are invited to come to school dressed as their favourite book character.  The purpose of this event is to celebrate Book Week, therefore the focus is on participation rather than the costume.

Why not recycle a costume, or put together something from home! 

Please keep it simple and stress free 

Please note: Costumes are NOT restricted to ‘Curious Creatures Wild Minds’ theme.


Photo Booth Fun
Dress Up Day – Monday 19th October 2020

This is a great opportunity for the students to capture the dress ups and excitement of the day!

 Each student will receive a photo strip ‘Book Mark’



Unusual Place!

Take a photo of yourself leading up to Book Week reading in an unusual place

(Great opportunity during the School Holidays!)

Your photo will be used as part of a display in the library

Be as creative as you can!

All entries will be entered into raffle to win a $20.00 Gift Voucher from Crow Books

Please email entries to

by 13th October 2020 (1st day of Term 4).

Enter as many times in as many locations as you wish


So…….where do you like to read?





  • The Prize- $20 Gift Voucher from Crow Books per year group


  • No entry fee required


  • Entries will be handed out Tuesday 13th October


  • All entries to Class Teacher before Thursday 22nd October 


  • Please make sure your NAME and CLASS are printed on the back of your colouring in


Thank you for encouraging Book Week and making Book Week an excitement for books. 


Thanks for your support. 

Looking forward to Book Week! 



Rita Cuthbert – Library Officer – Library- the original search engine

Pastoral Care

Happy Birthday to:

To all students and staff who will be celebrating their birthday over the coming week:

Corey Nguyen PPG
Xavier Robinson 3G
Amber Nguyen 6W

And to all staff and students who will be celebrating birthdays over the September/October holidays.

Pastoral Care Raffle is back, ready to assist the school community in Term 3. Please watch this space for weekly roster updates.

Pastoral Care Team.


Week 10 – 23 September

Kindy Green
Week 10 Lily Vernon
Kindy White
Week 10 Hugo Zachar
PP GreenWeek 10 Poppy Lillico
PP White
Week 10 Aleksander Tuma
Year 1 Green
Week 10 Shylo Verma
Year 1 WhiteWeek 10 Mrs Smith
Year 2 GreenWeek 10 Emme Moretta
Year 2 White
Week 10 Edmond Cavalli
Year 3 Green
Week 10 Emily Salt
Year 3 White
Week 10 James McDougall
Year 4 GreenWeek 10 Riley Thomas
Year 4 WhiteWeek 10 Lucas Bentley
Year 5 GreenWeek 10 Lucia Dawes
Year 5 WhiteWeek 10 Anay Bhujbal
Year 6 Green
Week 10 Leah Purcell
Year 6 White
Week 10 Katarina Tomich

Faction Athletics Carnival



1st Place – MCAULEY – 2478pts

2nd Place – RUSSELL – 2322pts

3rd Place – PASCAL – 2202pts

4th Place – COLUMBANUS – 2096pts


Spirit of Columba Award: RUSSELL


Year 1Michael BaldwinChristian CulluraHarriet WebbIvy Hoogland
Year 2Ty FernandezMax PierrScarlett Fernandez & Keira Pollitt
Year 3Rafael Martino Da Fonseca & Dylan SardelichKalani BrammerLucy Gardiner
Year 4Dominic TreacyJett MannAmelie TrinderAoife Rattray
Year 5Miel FuentesRory ShanahanLucia DawesZoe Ierace
Year 6Brody ClarkJai DebonoScarlett FrancisClaudia Coates


Congratulations to all our Champions and all students for their outstanding efforts on the day. Just a credit to the character of our kids and their understanding of what a St Col’s Kid is all about. Simply QUALITY kids! I love how they go about things.


Community Notices


School Holiday Swimming @ Chisholm College

The Chisholm Swim Academy is back up and running a number of programs this school holidays out of the Indoor Heated College pool:

  • September Holiday Program – Tuesday 29th September to 9th October (From $20 per session)
  • Private lessons – From $34 per lesson
  • Holiday swim squads – From $25 per session
  • Ongoing Swim Squads – Afternoon sessions on Tuesday/Thursday plus Saturday Mornings. Reasonable level of swimming ability required. Squads appropriate for 10 – 18 year olds.

More information is available here:   Phone: 9471 2257. Email:












St Columba’s School Bayswater

32 Roberts Street, Bayswater WA 6053
PO Box 61, Bayswater WA 6933
Phone: (08) 9208 2700