Principal's Post

Dear Parents and Caregivers

Welcome back to the start of Term 3. It does not take long to get back into the routines of school life. I hope you are going gentle on yourself and others when things do not go to plan this week. Not saying this is easy this gentleness thing, especially when the mornings are so busy with getting uniforms and lunches and brekky and everything else organised to be at school by 8.40 am. I reckon we are all pretty tough on ourselves at different times. The one thing I have learned by being on a break, is that we need to cut ourselves some slack. I do not know many people who are not giving their all to what they do. What I have seen, is how the circumstances and messiness of life, can sometimes make it hard to find moments for this compassion of self.

Please be aware that many of my reflections in our Principal Posts are going to be about my discoveries of self during my time away. Feel free to skip over these and get straight to the news. No offence taken. Well, maybe a little. No, truly, I get it. Some of this stuff may not be for you right now. We all have stuff going on, so be kind to yourself.

So why did I even take a six month break? I was so caught up in the mess, so caught up in small things, caught up in thinking we need to be perfect. So just needed time to get back into the earth and reconnect. As I said, this term, I will share stories about embracing our imperfections, growing in our awareness of self, and creating opportunities for every one of us to create positive energy for self and others through our actions. This includes, during those tough times. Let’s be honest, we have it so good here at St Col’s. Below is the St Francis of Assisi Prayer. This is what we are called to be. We are looking at this Prayer as a staff this week. Just love what it calls us to be as humans. Like really, what a place St Col’s would be if we lived this. We would all thrive with care for each other. Just love the work of St Francis. Such a glass half full type of prayer.

Now, you know how I roll, I certainly understand I will fail at many parts of trying to live out this prayer during different times in my life. It is really important to know that it is okay. Not getting this stuff right all the time is the human part. I was thinking about when I heard Sarah McLaughlin sing this prayer and how random it was that I came across it, but it was a moment that realigned me during my break. Like, I have played this song so many times, over and over, and now I find I am living it. Yes, failing at it too, but the whole concept of being an instrument of your peace [God’s peace] is inspiring. You know it. Seriously, let me sow love where there is hatred…despair, hope…we will change the lives of those around us. Even bigger, we find ourselves giving out so much good stuff.

I get it, some of you will be thinking, yep, Art is back, but he is a little loose. Now, this may be true, but what you do need to know, is that there is no holding us back when we live this. I have been privileged to have six months finding quiet in my life to see what is so important for all of us as humans. My advice is, if you find my writings bring you something that allows you to be kind to yourself and others, then please read each week. If you don’t find this is for you, know that it is okay. Like really, it is. There is something about knowing it is okay not to want to read my posts. Just like it is okay to not always get it right. Just like it is okay to mess up and say or do something that we know is not our true self. I mess up all the time, and I love embracing these flaws in Art.

A discovery of mine came when I read this quote. ‘Once you have accepted your flaws, no one can use them against you.’ I cannot explain how freeing this is. The beauty of this is that we are all vulnerable, that is human. It is when we are able to accept our brokenness at times and this acceptance of our true self, we become invincible. I found 2021 a year where my confidence as a principal, but more importantly as a human, took some hits. Being able to find the space to accept who Art is as the human, and what my flaws were, instead of being hard on myself because of these, I now embrace them as gifts. It is hard to explain, but once I accepted I am who I am, I have rediscovered my self-belief and my belief in others, and how much good there is in the world.

You all know me pretty well, and you would have known some of my struggles towards the end, just not quite myself. Those struggles for me last year, they were actually all okay as well. We are allowed these times of desolation. It has been the best thing for me to be honest. I have rediscovered the principal I love being, the human I love being, and it is something I now get to share with you. Why did I need a break? Because my flaws were worrying heavily on me. Now, I celebrate them with enthusiasm and excitement. Imagine if we all could find this freedom. I am going to fail at times at accepting self, but that is going to be okay. I will be gentle on myself, be gentle on others and reset for another crack at the day.

Many of you will know how I reset each morning. I did go away from it for a fair bit of last year, but it is now routine for me. I wake up. Three things I do:

  1. Think of three things I am grateful for [people or things or moments]
  2. Ask myself who am I going to serve?
  3. Then think of what is exciting about the day?

Then I say five Hail Marys as these are just good for you.

As we head towards the end of this first week, a big thank you to everyone who is saying good morning to others, especially when you may not have met the other person before. The way you have welcomed me back this week is something that has been overwhelming in so many ways. Your care for me will not ever be forgotten. The impact our kids, parents and staff have had on me this week has been a blessing. You will all probably never now my true gratitude, as I am not sure I can express it in words.

With all my Posts, I do not have the time to do major edits, so I know you are accepting of my typos etc. For this I am grateful. Maybe this is just one of my flaws.


A couple of Quick Updates:

COVID Updates

Attached to the Donegal, will be a letter we received yesterday afternoon from CEWA. It contains important information for parents and caregivers regarding COVID updates. Please be aware, routines and human resourcing will continue to impact school life over the coming months. The main part of the correspondence is that mask wearing indoors is encouraged. Please note, not mandated, but encouraged. We thank you in advance for your support and understanding of each other during these times of continual change.


Harmony Tree 2020

I know it has been two years to get this wonderful reminder of how diverse our community family is here at St Col’s and how we embrace difference and have an acceptance of all. I wish to thank Jeannie Pincus and Misha Cooper who were involved in the project, as well as all our Pastoral Care Committee. It makes a statement about who we are as a family. This is located outside the Kindergarten classrooms.


Faction Athletics Carnival Date Change

Please note, our Year 1 to Year 6 Faction Athletics Carnival will now be held on Thursday 15 September, not Friday 16 September as tentatively booked earlier this year. Due to circumstances not within our control, we have made this slight amendment.


Interschool Cross Country

A big thank you to Dylan Banks for coordinating the cross-country team, and to the many parents who are assisting with the breakfast this Friday. We wish all our students the very best at the interschool next Tuesday 26 July.


Wellness Dog Donnelly

As you will know from previous correspondence, Peta Santella, our finance officer is moving to Loreto School, Nedlands next week. Peta is our carer for Donnelly, and as such, Donnelly will also be leaving us. Donnelly has been a very special part of our school community over the last couple of years. He is a little champion, who has brought us so much joy. We will miss Donnelly enormously, but know he will continue to love life and bring joy to all those he is surrounded by in the future.


Deepest Condolences

We are aware some of our families have had grandparents pass away recently. As a school community, I know there is something very special about how you all support each other. For this, we are all very grateful, as it is during these times of grief and sadness that knowing others are there to be of support does bring comfort. We keep all our families in our thoughts and prayers.


Please check a notice that went out last Thursday with Term 3 Start-Up Messages, as this newsletter does not contain all the information distributed.


Wishing you a wonderful end of the week.


In gratitude




Mathematics Enrichment Classes

Curtin University offers Mathematics Enrichment classes for students in Years 5-11.  Registrations are currently open for the Semester 2 program beginning 1st Aug 2022.

The program is suitable for a broad range of mathematically talented students. Students will be issued with a certificate upon completion of the course. The topics covered by the program are selected to complement the school curriculum and to challenge students with some non-standard problems.


Please follow the link below for further details

Mathematics enrichment classes, mathematics and statistics, science – Science & Engineering | Curtin University


P & F News

Thank you to everyone who supported the raffle and Crazy Hair and Silly sock day. We raised over $1000 that went towards the amazing new lawn on the oval. If anyone hasn’t gone into school and seen it, it looks magnificent!

We are finalising the calendar of fundraising events for the rest of the year and will let you all know dates as soon as we can. One of our most successful fundraisers is always the cake stall at the athletics carnival so please keep that in mind for week 9.


Entertainment Memberships

Online memberships are available again this year.  Memberships can be purchased online



We have had queries from families who would like to make a contribution to the CSPWA without being involved in purchasing items. This is incredibly generous, and we are always grateful for any donations in whatever form they take.

The CSPWA bank details are below and can be used at anytime to pay online for fundraisers or for contributions. We ask that you include a family name in the description so that we can allocate funds coming into the account

Name – The Roman Catholic Archbishop of Perth, St Columba’s P&F Association

BSB – 086 006

ACC – 679360271


The next meeting is on Tuesday 16 August at 7.00pm.


Any questions or queries, I can be contacted via email

Tanya Armstrong

President CSPWA





Together we’re making a difference

At Pharmacy 777, your support makes a difference to your school.
We understand how much your school means to you, that’s why at Pharmacy 777, we’re passionate about making a difference. Our Community Spirit Program makes giving back to your school easier. As a Community Spirit member, for every transaction you make at Pharmacy 777 Bayswater and Maylands, they will give part proceeds back to the school. This contribution accumulates over time and funds raised support causes at the heart of your school. We would encourage all school community members to visit Pharmacy 777 Bayswater and Maylands and join up.

Library News


Library 2022


A warm invitiation is extended to ALL families to visit the library from 8:15am in the mornings Monday – Friday.  

(If Mrs Cuthbert is unavailable, the library will be closed) 


Pre-primary, Kindy & Pre-Kindy families take advantage and come and read all our fabulous picture books with your little ones till 8:45am. 


The library is a calming and quiet place, making it the perfect spot for students to have a smooth and calming transition in the morning.

Students may like to return and borrow books before school.

Looking forward to seeing you the library.



Reading and activities in the LIBRARY


Students may also use this time to exchange their library book.







Homework/Library Bag    

Just a reminder that students require the school green

‘Homework and Library Bag’ in order to borrow from the Library.

Many students will already have the green school

‘’Homework and Library Bag’ from previous years.

‘Homework and Library Bags’ can be purchased

from the Uniform Shop at a cost of $10.



The library has lots of books needing covering. If you can help by taking a small number of books home to cover, please advise the library. Your help is greatly appreciated by staff and students. 








Rita Cuthbert – Library Officer – Library- the original search engine

Pastoral Care

Happy Birthday to:

To the following students who will be celebrating this coming week:

Elena Di Giallonardo PKW
Leo Duff KW
Aiden Snodgrass PPW
Abigail Vernon 2G
Gianna Krishnan 2W
Harry Lange 4G
Annabel Inglis 5G
Manon Miller 6G

And to all those students and staff who will be celebrating birthdays during the July school holidays.











Week 2 – 27 June
Week 3 – 3 August
Week 4 – 10 August

Kindy Green
Week 2 Andrea Gunawan
Week 3 Bodhi Chipperfield
Week 4 Jake Bouteloup
Kindy White
Week 2 Alessia Cullura
Week 3 Annabel Paulus
Week 4 Archie Raynor
PP GreenWeek 2 Aiden Harris
Week 3 Alliah Parker
Week 4 Bodhi Laffrey
PP White
Week 2 Adam Nguyen
Week 3 Alessia Scagnetti
Week 4 Chase Gilbert
Year 1 Green
Week 2 Arthur Oliveira
Week 3 Brooklyn Hamilton
Week 4 Ethan Borich
Year 1 WhiteWeek 2 Amelia Pierre
Week 3 Hugo Silverman
Week 4 Lachlan Stewart
Year 2 GreenWeek 2 Alexander Lilleyman
Week 3 Alexis Del Borello
Week 4 Cherubim Vu
Year 2 White
Week 2 Luke Magee
Week 3 Asher Felton
Week 4 Mia Harstrom
Year 3 Green
Week 2 Aaliyah Brandis
Week 3 Aisling Poulsen
Week 4 Alessandro Pizzata
Year 3 White
Week 2 Eli Felt
Week 3 Emmanuel Wai
Week 4 Estelle Pirone
Year 4 GreenWeek 2 Blake Kenyon
Week 3 Chloe Hayward
Week 4 Giorgia Trevenan
Year 4 WhiteWeek 2 Bianca Balla
Week 3 Gethin Humphreys
Week 4 Hannah Gai
Year 5 GreenWeek 2 Blake Poletti
Week 3 Elizabeth Wright
Week 4 Evan Nguyen
Year 5 WhiteWeek 2 Amelia Dorozenko
Week 3 Audrey Lawes
Week 4 Clyde Peters
Year 6 Green
Week 2 Andrea Mandujano Liu
Week 3 Charlotte Pitter
Week 4 Chernet Desalegn
Year 6 White
Week 2 Ava Moretta
Week 3 Chloe Byatt
Week 4 Craig De Mello


Community Notices

Columba Runners

We have had an amazing start to the season with over 100 students signed up for Columba Runners so far. We are still welcoming members, even if you can only make one of the sessions a week. Sessions are held at Frank Drago oval 3.10-4.10pm on Mondays and Wednesdays. Cost is $30 per child, parents can join free! Prizes awarded based on total kilometers achieved over both terms, including those brave enough parents! Please complete the online registration.

This club is run by volunteers. Any parents who are able to attend and assist with marking laps and encouraging everyone, we would love to have you. Those attending OSHC are also considered, please chat to the lovely Jess.

If your child is in Yr 2 and below, they must be accompanied by a parent or older sibling. It is the responsibility of the parent/caregiver to ensure the safety of the students between school and Frank Drago.







Welcome to Term 3! There are so many exciting things to share with you and your school community this issue.

We are giving away FREE BOOKS to help celebrate and spread the love of reading in your school. Get up to 3 FREE BOOKS this Issue so you can grow your home libraries.


















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