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Friday 29 May

Pupil Free Day

Dearest Parents and Carers

Welcome to another moment in time here at St Columba’s School in Bayswater. I was not going to write a reflection this week, yet here I am writing. I should probably be doing a video for the school Facebook page instead…maybe one day soon.

Anyhow, why not write when you have the chance and you feel inspired to say what is in your head. The Power of Now, by Eckhart Tolle, is not something I have read, but I do get what this bloke is about from some of the quotes I have come across from his thinking and view on life. What I do value in the quote above is how important it is to stop right at this moment, like right now, and acknowledge the good in our life. I need to stop and do that at times, just to reset myself. This is not easy some days when everything just becomes a little overwhelming.

I continue to try and simplify my day, my life, but somehow it can become more complicated. I am not sure how you are finding the day, the week, the month, the year, but I reckon we all find different things happening in our lives that do not allow us to live in the now and to see beyond the challenges of the day. This is again the beauty of being human. It is hard to acknowledge the good we have, and that we are living lives of abundance, when things are tough. What we do know though, is St Col’s people will be here for us when we need. If there has been one thing during COVID-19 that has confirmed acknowledging the good, it has been the support for others seen throughout our community.

I have to tell you, what I am most grateful for as a Principal, is that I get to share in so much of the lives of our families. To express the privilege this is for me as a person is something that can probably not be explained. All I know is that I sit in awe of your resilience, your commitment to your kids and your courage to get through stuff. I guess this is why it feels like family whenever I am with parents, staff and our kids. I have a session this afternoon with our Year 6s on leadership, and all I keep thinking about it how much they are like my nieces and nephews. It is what makes it special. It is why we are all invested.

Please remember, living in the now is a wonderful thing when we get the chance, but also be gentle on self when we find it so hard to see the goodness and the abundance. That is why we are all here. Why all our St Col’s families are here. Never hesitate to reach out if you need something. Our staff and our parents are here for you. That is why we love being here at St Col’s. It is home.

Thank you to our St Col’s Parents and Friend’s Association

Just wanted say a big thank you to our Parents and Friends and class reps/parents for the delicious morning tea. We just wanted to let you know how appreciative the staff are for all the delights provided yesterday morning. What a wonderful gesture for you to think of us here at St Col’s when you are all so busy with your own things and getting kids ready in the morning.

We want you to know how blessed we think we are as a staff to have such kindness shown to us by our parents. The concepts of ‘ikigai’ and ‘ubuntu’ are truly alive here at St Col’s and you are showing it continually in your gratitude. I have been really slack in going for a run recently, like since Easter, but yesterday confirms I need to think about running again. I mean, I do love food. Thank goodness my Thursday football training starts up again this week.

Morning Drop Off and Start of School Times

Just a quick reminder that school classrooms open at 8.30 pm and that school starts at 8.40 am for Years Pre-Primary to Year 6. The Kindergarten starts at 8.45 am, so Kindergarten families, feel free to be dropping off in the 8.30-8.40 am time slot if it suits best.

As school is now compulsory, we will need students arriving after the start times to sign in at the office. We have allowed a few days of settling back in, but now need to bring in the mandated attendance policy for this procedure. Know that we understand mornings are hectic at the moment, so please go gentle on yourself if you are running behind time. It will all be okay. We seriously do get it.

School Uniform

I wish to thank parents and students for doing their best as we transition into the winter uniform. This week, will be the last week of transition, however we do appreciate in the changeover to JFE operating the school uniform shop, there may be some delays in items. We are all very understanding of this, as we are Ubuntu, and we meet all situations with kindness and compassion. So we must stand true, however we do have the following expectations. We do our best to meet these, but we also know there is always a story behind why things are how they are, and that we always take care of the human first that stands in the uniform.

  1. Predominantly white sport shoes. Term 1 was outstanding in this area of the uniform, however, I know what happens after a long lay-off with uniform and this may be one of the items that slips in standard.
  2. Black school shoes, not black sport shoes are part of the academic uniform.
  3. School ties are part of the winter uniform. I will give this a couple of weeks as I know they go missing. Trying to find these at home can be a challenge since last winter, and I appreciate how busy you all are at the moment.
  4. Girls winter uniform is white socks or black tights/stockings.

As we enter into another end of week, I hope you are able to find more moments of time for yourself as the busyness continues to ramp up in our lives. If you need anything during these times, please continue to ask. We are here for our families, first and foremost.

I will always be called to the Maori saying:


And you know it. You know this is who we are. Why would we not be so proud of this part of our school community’s way of thinking. Look after yourself and others. Spoke to the Year 6s about how do we become leaders of our school who have the belief and live out, others-centred v self-centred. They were AMAZING in their response. Cannot wait to talk to them again about this.

Anyhow, love this joint and its people.

Goodness to you and blessings in abundance.


P & F News


777 Pharmacy

Don’t forget to mention that you are from St Columba’s if you make a purchase at the 777 Pharmacies at Bayswater or Maylands. For every retail purchase made 777 Pharmacy will donate 10% back to our school!




Library News


Wednesday 27 May

National Simultaneous Storytime 2020—Every year a picture book by an Australian author and illustrator, is read simultaneously in libraries, schools, pre-schools, childcare centres, family homes, bookshops and many other places around Australia and New Zealand. Now in its 20th successful year, it is a colourful, vibrant, fun event that aims to promote the value of reading and literacy.

This year classes will be sharing Whitney and Britney Chicken Divas written and illustrated by Lucinda Gifford.

We are looking at having a colourful, vibrant, fun event and feel on the day.

Students and staff are encouraged to add a bit of sparkle to the day, with a disco feel.  For example, students and staff might add a feather boa, sequins, bow tie, glitter, sparkle, tiara, bling etc on the day.  Please note normal school uniform applies and items are extras.

Looking forward to seeing everyone in their sparkly best!



Pastoral Care

Happy Birthday to:

To all students and staff who will be celebrating their birthday over the coming week:

Andrew Gai 1G
Zozie Higgs 1G

Sadly the Pastoral Care raffle has been cancelled until further notice.

Pastoral Care Team.


Kindy Green
Kindy White
PP Green
PP White
Year 1 Green
Year 1 White
Year 2 Green
Year 2 White
Year 3 Green
Year 3 White
Year 4 Green
Year 4 White
Year 5 Green
Year 5 White
Year 6 Green
Year 6 White

Community Notices

Join Dr Bronwyn Harman, Senior Lecturer Psychology and Criminology from the School of Arts and Humanities for a discussion on “Throwing the parenting manual out the window: Surviving social isolation.”

In a time when social distancing, self-isolation and uncertainty has taken control of our daily lives, ECU’s researchers provide some comfort and practical advice on how to manage life through the COVID-19 pandemic.

This short 20-minute webinar will discuss how the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in social isolation in many homes, and how this has affected day to day parenting.

In addition, we look at how the pandemic has caused anxiety among many sectors of the community, especially in children and how one of our duties, as a society, is to help children be less afraid of an uncertain future.

Please register for this event HERE to receive login details.













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