Principal's Post

Dear Parents and Guardians

God is the greatest trainer.

When you think you cannot give anymore, he will challenge you and ask you to give him six more. God will challenge you when he knows you have the capacity within you,

 for God always believes in you.’


This is one of my favourite quotes. It seems relevant to be brought out this week with the most recent of lockdowns. When I speak with parents or staff or my family and mates, most feel that their plate is full and that life is demanding so much from us all. We either have some extremely challenging personal issues with our own health, or the health of our children, family or friends. We might just be so busy that we rarely find any time for self, to be able to refuel our tank. Our energy is sapped because of what the world brings at the moment. It really is difficult to be positive and see that this may have its purpose. I fall into this way of thinking many times, especially during COVID-19 lockdowns. I get a little anxious about things and will go to myself what next? I do not think I am alone, but maybe I am. Sometimes things just get on top of me.

What inspires me the most, are the people within our own school community and those in my family that show such courage and positivity in these times. I continue to be inspired personally by their way of still being grateful. We really do have special people living among us here at St Columba’s School. While it is easy to look to blame and become disheartened, we see signs of life giving energy that make us realise that there is much to be thankful for.

The one thing God will make sure happens, is that if we have not taken time out for ourselves to refuel, then he will wait for us to be ready for the next challenge. God knows our capacity. He understands us better than we understand ourselves. As a Catholic school community, we acknowledge that we are made in his likeness. When you think more deeply about this, you can see why we have unlimited potential.

This is why the quote above resonates with me. I mean, God knows our capacity. The quote relates to having done 100 push-ups, and when you think you have no more to give, God asks for six more. By the way, I am not saying I can do 100 push-ups, but it gives you an idea of what God means by this. You know it. When you have given so much to your day, dinner is done and you go to sit down for half an hour to have a cuppa at 8.30 at night, and you hear your little ones call out, mum or dad, and yes, you are needing to give six more. Just be gentle on yourself. You have the capacity. I mean, God always believes in you, otherwise you would not be sent these little moments of extra effort and joy.

In the end, we are so blessed here at St Columba’s School. We have so many good people that will just continually give out goodness. It is what allows us to be who we are. Not saying everything is easy, but so much is done with gentleness. For this I know we are all grateful. We only need look at our kids each morning and realise it is all worth it. During these next couple of weeks of holidays, do look after yourself and your families. It has once again been a busy term with many things achieved by our students in their learning.


May we all find the time of rest that is needed for us to be our best self for others. Take care and we very much look forward to seeing you back in Term 3. Exciting times ahead!


In gratitude




Last Day of Term 2 – Free Dress Day

Free Dress Day tomorrow, Thursday 1 July. No gold coin donation. Just a nice way to end the term.


Student Reports Semester 1

Student reports were uploaded to SEQTA yesterday, Tuesday 29 June. Please note all parents need to be logged into SEQTA to access the on-line reports. Details have been forwarded to new parents to ensure all are logged in for access. If you experience any issues with access to reports, please contact the school office and speak with Lisa Slocum.


Pupil Free Days

Pupil Free Days are set for Friday 2 July and Monday 19 July. The final day of the term for students is Thursday 1 July. The first day of Term 3 for students is Tuesday 20 July.


School Photo Days

School photo day is coming!

Monday 2 August
Tuesday 3 August
Thursday 4 August

Early in term 3 every student will receive a personalised flyer to bring home from Kapture Photography containing your child’s unique codes for ordering school photos online.


The unique codes contained on the flyer will be issued only once.

More information to follow in Week 1, Term 3.


Happy Birthday to:

To all students & staff who will be celebrating over the holidays:






School Counsellor News

Headsapce – Tips-for-a-healthy-headspace

Headspace – If-your-friend-is-not-okay

Headspace – Information-for-parents-and-carers


Nicole Leach
School Counsellor
St Columba’s (Wednesdays and Thursdays) Phone 08 9208 2700




P & F News



Entertainment Memberships are still available for purchase and details are on the parent Facebook page. The school receives $14 for each membership purchased and you save $$$$.



Our next CSPWA meeting is Tuesday 17th  of August at 7pm in the library, all are welcome.


Please email through any items for the agenda to your class reps.




Together we’re making a difference

At Pharmacy 777, your support makes a difference to your school.
We understand how much your school means to you, that’s why at Pharmacy 777, we’re passionate about making a difference. Our Community Spirit Program makes giving back to your school easier. As a Community Spirit member, for every transaction you make at Pharmacy 777 Bayswater and Maylands, they will give part proceeds back to the school. This contribution accumulates over time and funds raised support causes at the heart of your school. We would encourage all school community members to visit Pharmacy 777 Bayswater and Maylands and join up.

Faction Cross Country

On Friday, 25 June students participated in the Faction Cross Country carnival. There were some amazing performances throughout the day from the students and all who participated should be proud of their achievements. The following children achieved outstanding results and will be part of the interschool training squad in preparation for the Cross-Country Interschool Carnival on Tuesday 27  July (Week 2, Term 3) at UWA Sports Park.

Year 3 Girls

Year 3 Boys

  • Keira Pollitt
  • Alyssa Clark
  • Scarlett Fernandez
  • Olivia Harris
  • Zoe Juszkiewicz
  • Emme Moretta
  • Filip Kryachok
  • Ty Fernandez
  • Edmond Cavalli
  • Gethin Humphreys
  • James Hodson
  • Lucas Guiffre

Year 4 Girls

Year 4 Boys

  • Kalani Brammer
  • Lila Harris
  • Lucy Gardiner
  • Abbie Hartus
  • Charlotte Armstrong
  • Amelia Dorozenko
  • Dylan Sardelich
  • Rafael Martino Da Fonseca
  • Xavier Brandis
  • Zander Smith
  • Xavier Miller
  • Oliver Landis
Year 5 Girls Year 5 Boys
  • Charlotte Pitter
  • Zara Callo
  • Amelie Trinder
  • Hannah Pollitt
  • Daphne Wishart
  • Aofie Rattray
  • Jett Mann
  • Max Kryachok
  • Liam Jarvis
  • Dominic Treacy
  • Jack Katich
  • Lucas Bentley
Year 6 GirlsYear 6 Girls
  • Lucia Dawes
  • Mia Partington
  • Matilda Panizza
  • Vy Huynh
  • Willow Bull
  • Emily Falzon
  • Miel Fuentes
  • Zachariah Armstrong
  • Noah Smith
  • Michael Wells
  • Keelan Stanmore
  • Evan Juszkiewicz


Community Notices

The City of Bayswater Libraries are holding some special NAIDOC activities during the July school holidays. All events are free and bookings are essential.

DateTimeLibraryEvent NameEvent DescriptionBooking link
Wednesday, 07/07/20219.30am -10.30amBayswater LibraryYarn Turtles and Sand Art (Ages 4-12)Create a Yarn Turtle craft, sand art animals and listen to a NAIDOC Week story.


Wednesday, 07/07/202110:45am -11.15amBayswater LibraryYarn Turtles and Sand Art (Ages 4-12)Create a Yarn Turtle craft, sand art animals and listen to a NAIDOC Week story.


Wednesday, 07/07/20213.00pm – 5.30pmMaylands LibraryMadjitil Moorna: Magical Bush Sounds Choir (All ages)Join us for an afternoon with the Madjitil Moorna choir in the Maylands Amphitheatre. Bring a picnic and listen to a mix of soulful songs that connect to boodja (land/country). The first 50 people will get a free hot drink voucher.


Tuesday, 13/07/20212.00-3.00pmMaylands LibraryYarn turtles and scratch art animals (Ages 5-12)Make your own yarn turtle then design your own Australian animal with Indigenous inspired colours


Friday, 16/07/20213.00pm-4.00pmMorley LibraryNoongarts and Crafts

(Ages 5-12)

Learn about Noongar people and explore and touch traditional artefacts. Taste bush cordial and damper, make an art project and finish by learning a song, dance.  You might even get a chance to throw a spear!




Enrol with us at Mercedes College!

Mercedes College is currently interviewing for Year 7 2023 & 2024, with limited places available for Year 7 2022.  If you are considering enrolling your daughter at Mercedes, please visit the Mercedes College website at to request a prospectus, to enrol online or book a tour of our campus.  Please contact Mrs Nicole Kirk on 9323 1323 if you require further information.















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