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Hi Everyone

Hope you are doing okay? I have videoed a message later in the Post. The details in note form are below. I have also decided I will get someone to place this on the parents Facebook page. You know me and editing…embrace imperfection I say!

Please click HERE for the link to the school Facebook page with my video. Everything mentioned in the video is written below.

1. What I am seeing currently here at St Cols:


  • You may remember a few weeks back I spoke of a person I had been reading about who inspired staff and parents within a school in the US with the question they needed to ask themselves:
  • 5 words – DOES MY FACE LIGHT UP?
  • I see this at Kiss and Drive every morning and afternoon
  • I am loving my morning at K and D, especially standing with our PP kids before I drop them to class. They light up the day like nothing else.
  • Takes me back to when Holly and Skye were little. Get a bit emotional about that to be honest.
  • Anyhow, today, I want you to ask yourself this question? Does MY FACE LIGHT UP? In these times of challenge this is such a big ask. Maybe this one thing can help you get through a tough moment today.


  • Ubuntu continues to become a part of our everyday conversations.
  • Stay true to the belief that I am because of you and you are because of me – We are in this together.
  • If ever there was a word for the year to live by, it is Ubuntu.
  • The thing about this is I have been asked so many times, in almost every interaction, ‘How are you going Art? How are the staff?’ So my response back to you is, ‘How are you going with everything at the moment?’ Like really, how are you travelling?
  • We are not alone, no matter how difficult it is right now.
  • If you need any support, we are a conversation away by the phone or an email, or knock on my window and pop in.
  • This is what St Col’s people do.


  • What I continue to discover about what is important in life is the HUMANS. Yep, that is it. Very little else matters.
  • Everything else will take care of itself.
  • Looking after yourself in the first instance is critical. We can then care for those we love.
  • We can only do what we do if we truly believe we are family and treat each other with gentleness.
  • The unknown needs us to care and understand.
  • Whatever you are feeling right now, it is okay

2. Current situation with the Teaching and Learning

  • We are still running at between 65 and 70% attendance. As such, all staff are working full-time and then preparing at night for the next day.
  • We will not be closing our school unless directed by the PM or Catholic Education.
  • Teachers know their focus must be on those students who are currently in their classrooms when they are here.
  • Teachers are also working very hard to support families and students will home learning.
  • At present our teachers are doing an amazing job and are being supported with understanding from parents. This is how we will be able to manage the load we are placing on teachers.
  • It can only be sustained with this understanding.
  • We appreciate the anxiety around all of this, but we must keep it simple.
  • We must manage our workload as teachers to ensure we stay well to be able to deliver, if we end up having to close our schools.
  • Embrace imperfection
  • Embrace your kids making mistakes…celebrate mistakes
  • While we have these high % of students in attendance, this is how we will roll out the teaching.

3. The future of teaching and learning in these uncertain times

  • If the school closes, we will then move to an on-line platform.
  • We will have a phase in period to allow for teachers to plan the initial phase
  • We will keep it simple
  • We will use the Seesaw platform, but require parents to load the Seesaw Class App. Details will come home regarding this.
  • If this is not possible for a family, we will work with you individually. Please do not go out and buy an iPad or a laptop for this delivery. If you have a smart phone, that will do the job. We also will utilise email as a form of communication. We can work through this. If you have any questions send through to me directly. 
  • This educational delivery may include packages for students.
  • We will look to deliver a curriculum that is not over burdensome for families. A curriculum that takes care of the basics, but also allows for creativity and discovery.
  • During times such as this, our kids do need to continue their learning, but they also need to have their wellbeing at the centre of our delivery.
  • Parents also need our support to know it is okay if there is a day where you just do not get to the set work. It is okay.
  • Remember what I said about what is your priority right now?

My final thoughts:

  • If you need support, please contact us.
  • Your days are already filled with an underlying pressure. How can we lessen this for you is what is most important for us here at St Cols?
  • We will take one day at a time, each day brings something new.
  • For parents who are facing the uncertainty of their work, you need to look after yourself. You do not need to worry about us and school and delivery of the learning, you need to take care of you.
  • Whatever we do not get through in our educational delivery, it will be able to be fast tracked when this passes. We can face this challenge when it is required. We have the staff, students and parents with enormous capacity to face whatever the future holds.
  • Right now, we stick tough together during tough times.
  • Try to have your face light up when you can for those around you and embrace Ubuntu, a way of living that will allow you to be gentle on self and others.
  • If you need anything, we are here. We are family.



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Please attachment flyer regarding this year’s Easter Raffle



Chisholm College Canteen will be closed this Friday 27th March. No lunch orders will be available.



The last day for uniform orders will be week 9, Friday 3rd April 2020.

If you wish to place a uniform order please ensure that your orders are in by week 9, Friday 3rd April 2020. 

The on-line facility will be closed after this date until beginning of Term 2.

Any order placed before then will be filled and the items sent home via your eldest child in week 10.

We thank you for your patience and understanding.



Take care and keep each other in our prayers. I spent 15 minutes in our church yesterday. I know they are closed, but you know, maybe I just got lost and needed to rest. I am sure the bloke upstairs gets why we need a quiet space sometimes.

See you soon and may you be blessed abundantly during these times.


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