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Welcome to Week 5 of Term 1. I know, tell me about it. It has certainly started with a rush. How unusual that life is a rush I hear you say. Anyhow two things:

  1. I am about to do another video link. I was talking to one of my cousins, Steve, on the weekend, who is a teacher, and he informed me that although I love to talk, make sure I keep it to a minute. After a minute, he reckons he stops listening to me. I said, okay, 90 seconds. So I will stop after 90 seconds on this one [no chance]. See link below.
  2. Above and below, I have Simon Sinek quotes. This is to celebrate the open conversations we had as a staff on Friday during our Professional Learning Day. It was a cracking good day. I learned much about just how open our staff are to learning. Special thanks to our Catholic Education WA consultants who presented. I write about this in the next paragraph.

When I was reflecting on our Professional Learning Day from Friday, I found myself searching for a quote that would sum up the day. What a group of champions. Talk about engagement, talk about being yourself, talk about supporting each other, talk about care, talk about being the people our kids are blessed to have with them in their classrooms and above all, talk about not thinking of self. The sharing that took place and the conversations about our successes, but also where we can grow, took courage and a belief in each other. I wanted to acknowledge staff for being an outstanding group of people who are genuinely invested in the learning of the students. It is amazing what comes from focusing on our kids, and in turn how we improve as educators, who are indeed learners.

This is why the quote above about fulfilment is such a meaningful one. It is a gift to me when I see our staff in action and engaged in learning, because this is what it is about. I do not say this lightly, but one thing I know, without doubt, is that we are holding conversations constantly about how do we firstly care for our students, but also about how we provide opportunities for them to show us their gifts, whether it be in their literacy and numeracy, their sporting talents, their love of music and drama or their qualities of character. What a blessed and privileged work this is that we engage in. We embrace one of the quotes from last week’s Donegal as well again this week, ‘Parenting and teaching is beautifully messy work’. Is there anything more freeing than being true to this and knowing it is okay to be caught in a mess at times. It is even better knowing that those around us get this and will support us. We will always have high expectations of ourselves as parents and teachers, but we must be able to laugh at ourselves and bounce back when things do not quite go how we plan. I hear a lot of work being done at the moment with kids around developing their strategies with dealing with making mistakes. Such good stuff to get involved in.

As mentioned earlier, please find the link below to my video. Okay, 90 seconds went for 180. You know me, waffle on a bit, repeat myself a few times. Remember, this is a one-take deal, so if you are looking for a highly professional clip, probably do not right click on the link. Sort of decided, do a one-take, see how it goes, and then publish it, otherwise the videos will never happen. We are about embracing imperfection. I do say it, so might as well live it. Also, apologies, short arms with selfie stick, so is a bit close for a video. Enjoy!

Click HERE.

Harmony Day 2020 Mural

On Friday 20 March, we will be celebrating Harmony Week with an assembly, but also beginning works on the establishment of our Harmony Tree mural that will be placed on the wall near the Kindergarten classrooms. As part of the mural, we will be needing parent assistance. The task involves every student drawing the national flag from their family heritage on a wooden leaf that can then be placed on the tree. We will be sending a note home from the Pastoral Care Committee which will outline the process for the decorating of the leaf for the tree. If you have more than one child, you will need to do one leaf for each child. This also allows a family to design more than one flag illustrating their cultural background, if members of your family are from different countries. It is an exciting project that will create something very special for the future.

The excitement of this project is that we have everyone involved. We have kids working together with their parents and kids working with kids. We have a plan for the project, and what we love most, and what is so exciting, is that we are creating artistic spaces around our school.

The Plan:

  1. A notice will come out to all parents explaining the project.
  2. Teachers will send home wooden leaves for parents to outline, in pencil, the flag of your country. Please write in the colours for the different parts of the flag.
  3. These will come home over the coming weeks. Some classes may even begin sending these home next week.
  4. These leaves will then be painted at school over the coming months, and added to the tree as they are completed.

Wonderful learning to take place here for us adults, and great for our kids to watch the successes that come with having an idea and then going for it. This is going to be fun!

Thanks again to the Pastoral Care Committee to inspiring this. I thank, in advance, the many parents who will assist throughout this project.

Here are some samples of how the flags may look on these leaves:









Year 4 to Year 6 Faction Swimming Carnival

Thank you to Jo McCluskey, but also our parents who will be assisting on the day. I know many of our kids have been swimming training on Friday mornings for the last few months. Quite impressive really. Just another example of our parents committing to their kid’s enjoyment for life. We are looking forward to a fun filled day with our kids giving their very best and being involved. It is about challenging ourselves and having a go.

Details of the event are below:

  • Venue: Bayswater Waves, Embleton
  • Date: Wednesday 11 March 2020
  • Start time: 9.30 am
  • Finish Time: 2.00 pm

Please note, the Parents and Friends have also sent out a flyer for children attending the swimming carnival in Year 4 to Year 6 to order a sausage sizzle if they wish for their lunch on the day. These went home last week.

School Uniform

Over the last couple of weeks, we have been reviewing the school uniform and procedures. Attached is a letter explaining the decision to make a small change to the Year 1 to Year 3 winter uniform, but also a notice about the operations of the uniform shop going forward.

Coronavirus Update

While media and public commentary in relation to Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to raise concerns for many in our community, public health authorities are advising that the current risk remains low in Western Australia.

However, as the health and well being of our students and staff remains our highest priority, we need to remain vigilant to any potential for increased risks and take precautionary measures to ensure the safest possible educational environment for children and young people.

Although this doesn’t apply to St Columba’s School, as a result, effective today, all school-related international travel, with the exception of travel to the USA, Canada and New Zealand (providing that this travel does not go through Asia), is not to proceed until further notice. This advice applies to all students and education sector staff across Western Australia.

As we continue to respond to COVID-19 in our community, please be assured that the Department of Education, Catholic Education Western Australia, and the Association of Independent Schools of Western Australia will continue to respond as a collaborative team to advice from the WA Department of Health and provide updated advice to schools and staff as appropriate. These updates will then be passed on to the community.

Enjoy the week ahead and continue to look after yourself and others.



P & F News

Faction Swimming Carnival Sausage Sizzle

Wednesday the 11th March (not Friday as published in the order form) is the year 4-6 faction swimming carnival. The P&F will be offering all students, staff and parents a sausage sizzle and juice box. Order forms will need to be returned to the office by Friday the 6th of March. For catering purposes no late orders will be accepted.
If you are able to volunteer your time to assist with time keeping, or assembling the hotdogs and cooking the BBQ, please use the following the link to sign up every little bit of help would greatly be appreciated.


Entertainment book

The Entertainment book is now available.
Please note that the Entertainment book will no longer be printing hardcopies and will only supply digital versions.

Please use the following link to make a purchase



777 Pharmacy

 Don’t forget to mention that you are from St Columba’s if you make a purchase at the 777 Pharmacies at Bayswater or Maylands. For every retail purchase made 777 Pharmacy will donate 10% back to our school!


Rachel Lange
P&F President


Pastoral Care

Happy Birthday to:

To all students and staff who will be celebrating their birthday over the coming week and:

Amelia Booth – KW
Oaklyn Payne – KW
Grace Hamilton – 3G
Owen Peters – 5W

Class rosters will be posted outside classrooms this week as well as in the weekly Newsletter.

Raffle tickets are 20 cents each with a maximum of 3 tickets per child.

Each child will be rostered once a year to bring a prize to the value of $5.

Your continued support is greatly appreciated by our school community.

Pastoral Care Team.

Week 6 – 11 March
Week 7 – 18 March

Kindy Green

Week 7 Lachlan Stewart

Kindy White

Week 7 Megan Hutton

PP GreenWeek 6 NO RAFFLE
Week 7 Jonathon Truong
PP White

Week 7 Alexis Del Borrello

Year 1 Green

Week 7 Alfie Allison

Year 1 WhiteWeek 6 NO RAFFLE
Week 7 Estelle Pirone
Year 2 GreenWeek 6 NO RAFFLE
Week 7 James Hodson
Year 2 White

Week 7 Neve Gerick

Year 3 Green

Week 7 Eva Magill

Year 3 White

Week 7 William North

Year 4 GreenWeek 6 NO RAFFLE
Week 7 Jack Katich
Year 4 WhiteWeek 6 NO RAFFLE
Week 7 Max Kryachok
Year 5 GreenWeek 6 NO RAFFLE
Week 7 Mikaela Bentley
Year 5 WhiteWeek 6 NO RAFFLE
Week 7 Milan Dimitrijevic
Year 6 Green

Week 7 Lachlan Harris

Year 6 White

Week 7 Tyson Lee

Award Winners

Term 1, Week 5

PP Green – Emily Cornwall, Alexander Khoo
PP White – Cohen Lee, Madeleine Papineau

1 Green – Lucinda Tran, Ivy Hoogland
1 White – Aisling Poulsen, Emmanuel Wai

2 Green – William Armstrong, Natalia Milhinch
2 White – Harry Mawer, Phoenix Stanmore

3 Green – Khrish Tah, Lily Katich
3 White – Zara Bell, Lucy Gardiner

4 Green – Girishma Berigai, Chloe Byatt
4 White – Manon Miller, Kate Rattray

5 Green – Mia Partington, Max Gardiner
5 White – Emily Falzon, Jayden Thistle

6 Green – Saskia O’Neill, Daniel D’Esposito
6 White – Lily Byatt, Alexander Harp

Community Notices


Early in 2020, Mercedes College will commence interviewing Year 4 & Year 5 students who are due to start Year 7 in 2022 & 2023 respectively.  If you are considering enrolling your daughter and have not yet requested a Prospectus, please contact Mrs Julie Lamb on 9323 1340 as soon as possible.

Enquiries are also welcome for places in Year 7 for 2020 and 2021.   For more information please refer to the College website,




Discover Trinity College at our Open Day on Wednesday, 13 May 2020 to learn more about the unique TC Spirit and the vast curricular and co-curricular opportunities that the College has to offer. Each of our College Open Day sessions will include an address from the Principal and Junior/Senior Head Prefects, student-led tours, light refreshments and a Q&A with key staff, teachers and the admissions team. We look forward to meeting you! Please note that your son is welcome to attend the Open Day. Further details can be found via or you can register directly through You can also email or call 9223 8120.








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