Principal's Post

Dear Parents and Caregivers

Welcome back to the first week of our school year. It is with excitement we get to see you all back here with us at St Columba’s School in Bayswater, even though the start is all a little different to normal. I am sitting here on Sunday morning before the week starts and have decided to write my Post. Why not? The weather is a little wintry and it allows for stillness and quiet. A nice time to sit and just write from the top of my head. Always dangerous as I will write as my thoughts come to mind. You know me, this could get to be a ramble. For families new to my Principal Posts, know that I write as I think and then do very little editing except for spelling and grammar, and even then my imperfectionism [yes, another made up word by me] comes through aplenty. Just go with it.

We all hope you have enjoyed your time of not needing to be in the routine of school life and the rush for lunches and school uniforms in the morning. Having been there, done that, please know we understand this week will be a time for transitioning back into the life of having our children at school. Just be gentle on yourself and take your time with things. If you are running five minutes late, or if your child is in the wrong uniform, it is all going to be okay.

Absolute priority for us is that our students are feeling safe and settled this week. We appreciate how much goes as we restart school. It is the same for me. Even as Principal, and after 34 years in education, I feel the butterflies, the nerves. It is funny, as I am so much at home here, yet these feelings have been up and about this last week or so. Hard to explain to be honest, but I think I get it. I have a theory. The theory is something called ‘anticipation anxiety’

Have to say, I just did a google search on this. There is some stuff on anticipation theory, but far too advanced for me. My thinking is this. Anticipation anxiety or nervousness is like in everything we do. When we think of the start of a new year for our children, well, they are about to be with a different teacher this year. Possibly a teacher they have never met before, a teacher you have never met before. They may not be with their same mates from last year. No wonder some of us may be a little nervous about what the week holds. The thing about it is, my mindset is usually focused on the positives, so this is what I am doing right at this moment as I type. The quote above immediately changes that anxiety and nervousness to just how good I have it.

Be happy in anticipation of what’s coming. Like really, how good is this. It changes everything in an instant. Hey, I am not saying this is easy when we face the unknown, but it does lift some of the weight off the mind with all of this. So, in a nutshell, let’s embrace this week and all the messiness that may come, but also all the joy that will be entwined along the way. Again, I cannot stress it enough that we need to take our time this week to settle in, to be gentle on ourselves and others. I mean, think about new families and their children, think about new staff, what an opportunity for us to bring a calmness and an ‘okayness’ [yes, another made up word that just popped into my head]. Yes, that is it. Maybe I need to change my word of the year from ‘synchronicity’ to ‘okayness’. Yep, let me think about it. Man, I love it. So glad I discovered it. Why not be a bit creative I say.

Alright then, my final wrap up is about how blessed we are to have what we have here at school. It is so true about how when we are grateful and thankful for what we have, that life feels better and any fears and worries we have lessen. St Columba’s people are so all onto this. It is what we see every day. Just saying, as I write this, my ‘anticipation anxiety’ has already lessened.

Like, truly, as I sit here, I feel all the connectedness of our St Col’s people. I have to tell you, when I started typing, I was struggling with what I would write, yet here we are and I could easily write another ten pages. This is why the word synchronicity is such a cracking word. The universe has given me a wink this morning and set me writing. We will share so much more about synchronicity this year, which in fact does connect to ‘okayness’. Yes, got it. We are set for a year filled with excitement with our students, families and staff.

School Uniform Update:

  • Thank you to everyone for the uniform standards set in Week 1 by all our families.
  • We appreciate there have been some stock shortages for the start of the year. Please be gentle on yourself and our suppliers as we can manage this through allowing students to wear whatever it is you have available at home.
  • While we know this is not ideal, know that we are understanding that some students will be in the incorrect uniform.
  • Whatever is needed to ensure our students are okay, is our priority. Uniform may take a couple of weeks to sort.


Parents and Friends of St Columba’s

  • At the end of 2020, our P and F donated $30 000 to our school. This has allowed us to purchase new interactive screens for the classrooms in both Kindergarten and Year 1. It has also enable us to redevelop a large section of the school playground on the oval. This will be completed over the coming weeks. A few more little surprises to come in this area.
  • Without the support of you as parents of our school, It would not have been possible to upgrade the technology of the interactive boards and create an outdoor learning space.
  • I wish to acknowledge the commitment of all our parents, and especially the commitment of our 2020 P and F Executive, committee, parent reps and members.
  • Further to this, I wish to thank Chris Elgin for the groundworks involved in the installation of the new playground. I would not be able to calculate the amount of hours spent digging out the grounds, moving the soil by truck, placement of logs and the setting down of the boats. All I know is that at St Col’s we are blessed with quality people. Gratitude to you Chris.
  • Please note name change for the Parents and Friends – There has been a change in the name of the P and F to Catholic School Parents WA. We will still refer to our team as the P and F, however will refer to it in official docs like the term planner, Catholic School Parents WA (CSPWA). One in the same. Just will take some time to get used to.

Busy Bee

  • At the end of last year, we held a morning busy bee.
  • Talk about quality people once again. There were close to 30 parents come in for the morning to remove soil, fill sandpits, paint, garden and resurface the oval.
  • The number of trips made with wheelbarrows on the day was well into the hundreds. Some used it as their exercise for the week. There was plenty happening for everyone at that time of the year, so we know the commitment that was given by all involved was significant. Pretty exceptional by our parents.
  • It was good fun, really good fun. There were plenty of laughs and plenty of connections made. What more could we ask for as a school community.
  • The school oval is looking terrific because of the work put in by parents and our grounds staff over the break.
  • If you are keen on getting involved in a busy bee in the future, please keep an eye out. We did not give much notice on this busy bee, so I know some parents were disappointed to miss out. We will make sure there is more notice in the future.

Pre-Primary to Year 6 Parent Information Booklets 2021

  • These will be coming out on Monday via Seesaw. You will receive a link that will take you to the school website.
  • Parent Information Nights are cancelled for the start of the year at this stage due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Year 6 Leaders 2021 Commissioning:

  • Due to COVID -19 restrictions, the commissioning of our student leaders for 2021 will now take place at an assembly for our Year 5 and 6 students on Friday 19 February at 8.45am. We will be limiting the attendees to just the parents of our Year 6 students.
  • The assembly with take place in the Greg Martin Pavilion. [undercover area]

School Banking St Columba’s School

  • We wish to thank Ariane for her work with the school banking program during 2020. Ariane will be continuing the program over Term 1, commencing on Friday 19 February. Banking day has changed from Thursdays to Fridays this term from 8.15am-8.30 am.
  • Ariane will be handing over to a new coordinator for Term 2 onwards due to work commitments in 2021. If you are interested, please let Ariane know at the school banking morning or leave your name at the office with Lisa Slocum.

School Fees 2021

  • School fees will be emailed to parents next week.
  • The payment authorisation form will be attached to the email. Please complete your payment option and return via email to or hard copy to the front office.
  • If you were on a direct debit plan in 2020, you will need to complete the direct debit details on the payment authorisation form for 2021.
  • Any outstanding 2020 fees will be rolled over on your account as an opening balance.
  • Please contact our Finance Officer directly on 9208 2705 or at

Ash Wednesday Mass:

  • We will not be holding an Ash Wednesday Mass this year. The parish has a morning and an evening Mass on the day if you wish to attend.


Now, I do love Lauren Daigle, and her music. Feel free to click on the link below and have a listen. This is her song ‘Everything’, which is all about how God will take care of everything as we are His everything. This is one of the things about my life as a Catholic School Principal, I get to share some of my spiritual stuff and connectedness to something more than ourselves. Anyhow, right click, open hyperlink, and then listen to it if you wish.


Looking forward to seeing you all over the coming weeks. Good things your way.





School Counsellor News

As parents, we don’t always have the answers for some of the situations that arise when raising our children.  There are many professionals and specialists whom specialise in parenting, however the one expert whom is known for her common sense parenting is Maggie Dent here is a little bit about her.

Maggie Dent

Maggie Dent is also commonly known as Australia’s ‘queen of common sense’, Maggie is an author, educator, and parenting and resilience specialist. She is a dedicated advocate to quietly changing lives in our families and communities.

Maggie’s website covers common concerns that parents often are faced with such as anger and self-regulation, anxiety and separation anxiety, sleep issues, stress, friendship and social skills issues, screen time just to name a few.  If these concerns are something that have been an issue for you and your family, have a look at Maggie’s website for articles, podcasts, workshops, videos, books and events.


Information on up and coming events.

Two flyers have been attached to this newsletter for up and coming workshops for parents.

  • Building Bridges – Co parenting after separation – This is a free workshop through Centrecare Midland
  • Circle of Security – Assisting parents to be more aware of and responsive to your children’s emotional needs. This is a free program through Centrecare Midland


Also attached to this newsletter is a ‘Stepping back to school’ brochure for children aged 5-7. This has some information for parents about getting the children ready for school and ideas and strategies that may help.


Nicole Leach
School Counsellor
St Columba’s (Wednesdays and Thursdays) Phone 08 9208 2700




P & F News

Together we’re making a difference

At Pharmacy 777, your support makes a difference to your school.
We understand how much your school means to you, that’s why at Pharmacy 777, we’re passionate about making a difference. Our Community Spirit Program makes giving back to your school easier. As a Community Spirit member, for every transaction you make at Pharmacy 777 Bayswater and Maylands, they will give part proceeds back to the school. This contribution accumulates over time and funds raised support causes at the heart of your school. We would encourage all school community members to visit Pharmacy 777 Bayswater and Maylands and join up.

Pastoral Care

Happy Birthday to:

To all students and staff who will be celebrating their birthday over the coming week:


Pastoral Care Raffle

Individuals assisting our school community through weekly raffles. Please watch this space for weekly roster updates.

Pastoral Care Team.




Kindy Green
Kindy White
PP Green
PP White
Year 1 Green
Year 1 White
Year 2 Green
Year 2 White
Year 3 Green
Year 3 White
Year 4 Green
Year 4 White
Year 5 Green
Year 5 White
Year 6 Green
Year 6 White




Community Notices

School Swim Squad

The St C Dolphin’s invites all Year 4 – 6 swimmers who are Learn to Swim Stage 6 and above to join us in preparing for the swimming carnivals ahead.

An enrolment form is attached to this letter and a hard copy has also been sent home this week. Please fill in the enrolment form ASAP and send to the contact details included on the form.

Your child may join later in the term as soon as they have reached Stage 6.  Please see enrolment form for contact details to discuss.

Volunteer Coaches and Breakfast Coordinators are required!


Starlight SuperSwim

Between January 26 and February 26,  some of our swimmers from the St C Dolphins are taking part in the 2021 Startlight SuperSwim and are hoping to collectively swim 50 KM in 30 days for sick kids!

Anyone from our community is welcome to join our team and swim for this cause by creating a profile,  joining our team and logging your kilometres!

Please jump on our webpage to sponsor our team and support Starlight.















INTERVIEWS FOR ENROLMENTS FOR YEAR 7 2024 are being conducted early in 2021 for any students wishing to attend Mercedes College.  If you have forgotten to enrol your daughter, please contact Mrs Julie Lamb on 9323 1340 or email An applicable form may be downloaded from the College website.





Mrs Vinciullo is collecting all sorts of good quality second hand books for the Mercedes College Second Hand Book Stall (at the 2021 Mercedes Fete). If you have any that you would like to donate, please leave them at St Columba’s school office or drop them at the 6G classroom. She is also collecting clean jars and all sorts of gardening pots – big or small. If you are having a clean-out and think you may have something that she would be interested in, please email her on

Thank you so much for your support.













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